Fab’s App Gets Revamped

Mobile users who have made the jump to the iPhone 5 or iOS 6 have seen an increase in app updates in recent weeks. Now, Fab.com is joining the ranks of apps revamped for the new iOS and iPhone with a sleek new UX.

Longtime Fab fans will remember that the previous version of the app was modeled after the site itself, borrowing its black headers and category icons. Now the header is smaller, with categories tucked away under the list icon. The overall look and feel is brighter and less cluttered, with the app itself optimized for iPhone 5 and iPad Retina displays. Users can also search for products by keyword, price, color and category, with thumbnails of the products themselves appearing in the search results.

The organization of products lists remains the same with this new update on the iPhone side of things, but the iPad’s new interface offers an experience very similar to the site itself, including the Pinterest-esque feel of the live feed.

You can download the new and improved Fab.com app here, and don’t fret Android fans — insiders say a revamped app is also heading your way soon!

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