There’s an App for That: InfoStripe

Why do people download apps? To solve problems, of course. If you want Joe Consumer to download your app, you need to find a solution to his everyday issues. But that’s easier said than done, which is why lonelybrand highlights a super-problem-solver (AKA mobile app) each week. Take a few hints from these guys and next thing you know, you can answer Joe Schome’s conundrum of the day with that old phrase, “there’s an app for that.”

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This week’s featured app is InfoStripe, a free app that allows you to share everything you have in one spot. InfoStripe is a customizable page that lets users connect their social media pages; this includes everything from Facebook to blogs, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, etc. They’ve even added Google+ to their options.

With Infostripe, you don’t need to know coding, and you can customize it with different colors, themes, headers, images and video. You can have your page integrate your last few tweets; users can subscribe to blogs and see the latest photos and videos.

Revolutionary? Yep.

What’s so great about this app is the fact that is allows you to easily and quickly bring everything together in one spot for people to look at. There is no need to jump around from site to site, link to link; It’s all right there for people to view. Problem solved.