Kickstarter Projects Prep For the iPhone 5

Despite some humorous jabs about the design of the iPhone 5 and what future models will look like, and the outcry over the iOS 6 version of the Maps app, eager buyers showed up early to camp out at Apple Stores across the country in anticipation of today’s release. The new 8-pin connector, dubbed “Lightning,” and the longer design are giving accessory makers new hurdles to overcome, but some Kickstarter-based projects have already adapted to include iPhone 5-friendly specs. Got your iPhone 5? Great. Here are three projects you can back:


kickstarter iphone 5

Even though “Lightning” boasts improved durability and a small design, Apple’s connectors have typically left something to be desired. Spixi is offering a more attractive alternative that boasts a sleeker design and a retractable cord. Plus, it’s made out of eco-friendly materials. Backers can get in on the project for just a donation of $17 and the project caters to more than just the iPhone 5. Connectors are available for Androids, the iPhone 4/4s, Blackberry and Windows phones. Check out the details here.


kickstarter iphone 5

The multi-function iExpander boasts a lot of enticing features, including an improved Flash function, expandable memory and extended battery life. Add in the fact that the man behind the machine (Charlie Corry) is from lonelybrand’s hometown of Chicago, and our excitement increases even more. Although the current images, video and models are fitted to the iPhone 4/4S, Corry has updated the project to clarify that and iPhone 5 model is in the works and donors’ pledges/preorders can be placed for any model. More details here.

Foundation Dock

kickstarter iphone 5

The Foundation Dock is arguably one of the best and most versatile docks available. The flex coil connector makes it easy to position your phone for Facetime, photos or watching videos and the dock itself boasts extra USB ports, an internal mic and a speaker. Originally modeled to fit the iPhone 4S, the Foundation Dock has also been adapted to fit the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. The project has already surpassed its goal of $37,000, but donors can still get in on the action at specific levels here.

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