Best Earbuds for Small Ears Roundup: 4 New Products Reviewed and Tested

Finding the best earbuds for small ears is no easy task. If your earholes are teeny tiny, you’ve probably had issues dealing with modern Bluetooth earbuds and their tendency to only offer a generic, one size fits all option. Apple: We’re looking at you!

best earbuds for small ears roundup

Without further ado, let’s get into our roundup of three unique products designed to fit even the most narrow ear canals while delivering a high quality, wireless, and totally enjoyable audio experience.

You can find more products like these in our most recent headphones reviews, just know that they aren’t tested for the small-lobed.

1. The Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Activate BX Bluetooth Earbuds Check price on Amazon.com

Taking inspiration from a shark’s fin doesn’t sound particularly appealing. And yet, that’s exactly how Activate has positioned their latest waterproof earbuds. The soft silicon ridge on each earbud resembles everyone’s favorite ocean-dwelling predator. But there’s no teeth on this fish. The ridge simply conforms to a smaller ear shape without fuss, and included ear tips allow you to size down that aspect as well.

best Bluetooth earbuds waterproof

Image courtesy of Activate

The best all around earbuds for small ears. Priced at $49.99 on endive with free shipping.

Why Activate mad it to the top of our list:

Compact design with precise, comfortable ear tips and fins. The main reason why we love Activate for our small ears roundup is their ability to squish down and conform to any ear shape. While those fins may look rigid in product photos, they are quite soft and almost squishy, compacting down without discomfort to fill any space. They are also completely removable should you want to take then off.

Sporty build goes anywhere. Not only do these durable earbuds come with a waterproof nano-coating and ruggedized rubber components, they also have built in magnets to snap around your neck when not in use. That “necklace” feature is one of the simple yet incredibly useful reasons why these earbuds make the top of our list.

Beautiful sound. I was blown away by the sound that came out of these little earbuds. Period. In fact, I’ve been hard pressed to even think of another product that comes close in the Bluetooth earbud category. Activate has come as near to over ear headphones as one can get without actually going there.

The price is right. At under $50, the price is beyond reasonable. And with a few colors to choose from, these earbuds shouldn’t get boring any time soon.

Things you might consider before buying Activate BX:

Designed for multi-use. While these earbuds are all around allstars, they aren’t purpose built for a specific use. If, for example, you want to focus on calling quality, try checking our list of the best earbuds for making calls.

2. Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Braven Flye Sport Reflect

Newcomer headphones brand Braven has taken it upon themselves to help those of us that are ear-challenged. The new Flye Sport Reflect Bluetooth earbuds combine the absolute best wireless sound technology and a compact, highly customizable form factor that fits small ears to a tee. As you’ll read below, they actually were too small for my tiny ears, but thanks to included interchangeable ear tips and fins I found the medium option to be perfect.

best earbuds for small ears

Image courtesy of Braven

Braven Flye Sport Reflect Priced at on Amazon.com

Why Braven made the second spot on our best earbuds for small ears roundup:

Incredibly lightweight design includes small ear tips! That’s right folks, not only has Braven come up with a design that feels featherlight, they’ve also included three sizes of interchangeable ear tips. The smalls size was actually too small for me, meaning those with particularly dainty ear shape will be well matched.

Interchangeable ear fins. Braven doesn’t stop at the ear tips. They also include beautifully engineered fins that can be attached to each ear bud and provide added stability from within your ear. That’s very welcome news if you’re an avid runner (or just a mover and shaker like me). To top it all off, Braven includes a pair of bendable over ear clasps. This goes above and beyond any headphones I have seen before, and is a refreshing surprise. Essentially, these earbuds can transition with you from work or commute needs to super intense workout with absolutely zero discomfort.

Stylish color options. Braven has created four color combinations that will fit any motif. It’s welcome new to those of us tired of all black or all white earbuds. While the Flye Sport Reflects are small enough that nobody will likely notice one way or the other, it’s a nice touch that offers a bit of individualism added to the mix.

Charging and use experience. While it seems strange to mention, the day-to-day use of the Flye Sport Reflects is part of the fun. The battery life is great, so you can reliably use all day in wireless mode. Once you are ready to charge, the included docking station makes it a breeze. This unique innovation uses the included mic as an anchor to delivery juice. It clips into the included station with ease, and I found I can leave it plugged in on my entryway table for an effortless experience.

Things you might consider before purchasing the Flye Sport Reflect:

Price. Braven makes number one our list of best earbuds for small ears, but they aren’t our wallet’s favorite. At the time of writing, they would barely make it in our sub-$100 roundup. We get it: Braven has constructed a totally unique product that feels amazing and sounds even better. They went way overboard on accessories, fixtures, and finishes. That still doesn’t lessen the sting of a price tag that feels more akin to studio monitor headphones.

3. Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Treblab XR800

The fine people at Treblab have a dream. They want to bring you the best sound quality in a no frills form factor that focuses on value and durability. We think they’ve done a great job of accomplishing the mission with the XR800 Bluetooth earbuds. Not only do they offer a size and weight that’s perfect for small ears, but an aggressive price that fits the value segment without skimping on quality.

earphones for small ears

Image courtesy of Treblab

Treblab XR800 Priced at on Amazon.com

Why Treblab made the top of our best earbuds for small ears roundup:

Super lightweight form factor. One of the best things about the XR800s is the lightweight, no-nonsense design. When you wear these earbuds you barely know they are there. And if you are like me, you wear headphones of one kind or another for hours every day. That can cause discomfort on your outer and inner ear. The great thing about Treblab’s product is the sheer airiness of the earbuds. Trust me, the difference is noticeable after wearing these for an extended period.

Included ear tip sizes and shapes. Treblab includes five different ear tip sizes along with a mixture of materials. I found this particularly interesting as nobody else is varying the kind of tip material provided. You can choose from a squishier and very familiar silicon or a harder, more pointed rubber tip. I actually liked the second option better, as the medium size fit snugly inside my small ear canal most snugly.

No frills pricing. When it comes to earbuds I’ll pay less if it means a focus on sound quality and hardware rather than a velvety carrying pouch or fancy packaging. Treblab seems to have trimmed the fat to bring the XR800s down in price. Since the actual features and functions of the product are top notch, I don’t mind whatsoever.

Things you might consider before purchasing the XR800:

Permanent ear clips. While I prefer ear clips to naturally counteract my own clumsiness, I know many do not. Don’t get me wrong, these clips are sturdy and comfortable. But in this case the ear clips are not detachable. That means you’ll have to deal with them or find another product for your small ears.

4. Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Anker Soundbuds 

If you really, really, really love to move I have some news. Anker has created Bluetooth earbuds that combine a slim and tidy form factor for small ears with a very unique sports-friendly design that will stay in place no matter what. It adds up to a wonderful, if not totally beautiful, product that packs a ton of functionality into a small space.

earbuds for small ears

Image courtesy of Anker

Anker Soundbuds Priced at on Amazon.com

Why Anker made the top of our best earbuds for small ears roundup:

Super secure design and fit. The innovative head strap with adjustable harness will hug your head like there’s no tomorrow. That’s great news if you’re jogging, boxing, or on the International Space Station. The rugged materials add a feeling of strength and durability. Some may consider this overkill, but if you have small ears you are well aware of the danger of earbuds slipping out during daily movement. Not anymore.

Great sound quality. Anker claims to have included enhanced sound drivers to help the Soundbuds produce deeper bass and higher treble notes. For the price, the sound is spot on and certainly worthy of praise. They may not hold up to other higher priced wireless earbuds, but that’s expected. Overall the balance between price and quality is correct here, and we applaud Anker for extending themselves to hit the right notes.

Waterproof. Part of moving is sweating. And if you are in an intense workout, that can also mean buckets. Thankfully Anker has thought of this and included a waterproof coating inside and out. That means it would be extremely difficult to damage the Soundbuds with water or moisture, even if they fall into a puddle. Anker doesn’t recommend you go swimming with them on, but who would do that in the first place?

Things you might consider before purchasing the Soundbuds:

Not winning any beauty contests. We’ll be the first to admit: The Soundbuds are not the best looking product in our best earbuds for small ears roundup. There are only two color options, and neither is particularly alluring. The odd shape and harness mechanism won’t help either. If you want raw functionality and can get over the look, then these may be a winner.

That’s a wrap. Three earbuds for small ears that deliver the perfect mix of features, form factor, and performance. Now get out there and show the world that small ears aren’t going to stop you from living your best wireless life!