Best Bluetooth Speakers 2018 Roundup: Outdoor and Waterproof Edition

Finding the best Bluetooth speakers for means fitting your lifestyle, producing great quality sound, and coming in at a price you can afford. With so many Bluetooth speakers available on the market today though, it can be difficult to narrow down which is the best for you. To make it even more challenging, there’s a new class of best outdoor Bluetooth speakers that are water resistant.

To help you along your journey, here is a breakdown of some of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market today and their most notable features.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Home, Outdoor, and Multi-Use

1. TruBeats 2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $59.99waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker

$59.90 with free shipping at endive

  • Rugged buy stylish design with extra long battery, bass boosting technology, FM radio, and LED flashlight
  • Integrated button and voice control options in multiple colors
  • Best value to quality in our list

If you’re looking for a great balance of affordability, style, and sound, then TruBeats second edition is the best Bluetooth speaker for you. It’s all about taking your music, podcasts, or other audio with you wherever you go. TruBeats 2 moves seamlessly from the shower to the hiking trail. Waterproof nano coating ensures things stay on track even when the going gets tough (or wet).

2. ARCHEER 25W A320 Bluetooth Speaker best bluetooth speakersCheck price plus free shipping at Amazon.com

  • Dual 5W drivers to deliver high and mid level sounds and a 15W subwoofer for deeper bass
  • 5200 mAh battery operates for up to 11 hours of playback
  • Wood grain design in natural bamboo – see our roundup of matching wood grain headphones and earbuds here

The best Bluetooth speakers for bass addicts are the ARCHEER 25W A320. Thanks to its 15W subwoofer, the bass on this speaker handily outperforms passive radiator style bass. The 5200 mAh battery delivers an average playback time of 11 hours. However, some customers have had troubles with pairing the ARCHEER 25W A320 to other devices. According to reports, the bass on these speakers is also so deep it needs slight adjustments for watching movies or receiving calls.

3. Anker SoundCore Best Bluetooth Speakers loudest bluetooth speakerCheck price plus free shipping at Amazon.com

  • 4400W battery powers two 3W speakers with passive radiator bass enhancement for up to 24 hour playback & 5 hour charge time
  • Built-in mic allows hands-free speakerphone operation

The Anker SoundCore is the most popular in our best Bluetooth speakers roundup due to price and playback time. This speaker boasts an incredible 20+ hour battery life. Anker accomplishes this using speakers that rely heavily on passive radiator design to amplify sound. It’s one of the best Bluetooth speakers combining loudness with a discrete black box design. However, some customers warn on that overall loudness and Bluetooth connectivity are weaker than more expensive products. If you use a USB bracelet product or other portable data solution the Anker is a perfect match for plug and play connectivity.

4. TEWELL Retrorock Bluetooth Speaker loudest bluetooth speakersCheck price plus free shipping at Amazon.com

  • Auxiliary input allows connections with auxiliary devices such as PC
  • Two 12W drivers deliver mid and high range tones while passive radiator enhances bass delivery
  • Wood and leather design to reduce distortion and soften sound

Audiophiles swear the TEWELL Retrorock has a place among the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. Sound is excellent thanks to high quality 12W drivers delivering clear mid and high range tones and a passive radiator to deepen and broaden underlying bass. A handsome wood and leather design looks fabulous in nearly any room, and helps reduce distortion and resonance. While TEWELL Retrorock won’t win portability awards (requiring a wall outlet to operate), it does get points for style.

5. JBL Charge 3 Splash-Proof Best Bluetooth Speakers outdoor bluetooth speakersCheck price plus free shipping at Amazon.com

  • Rechargeable 6000 mAh battery for up to 12 hours of playback w/ 15W dual speakers and an external passive radiator design
  • Connect up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • Functions as speakerphone with built-in mic

The JBL Charge 2+ is one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers with IPX7 water resistance for portability. Performance is highly rated thanks to its superior sound and battery life as well as added functionality. Dual 13W speakers with dual external passive radiators deliver amazingly loud sound for up to 12 hours. With social mode, you can pair up to three devices via Bluetooth simultaneously and take turns playing media. While it sounds fun, there may be some heated playlist discussions. Regardless, you’ll save time and headaches on unpairing and pairing new devices with friends.

6. AOMAIS GO Best Bluetooth Speakers best bluetooth speakerCheck price plus free shipping at Amazon.com

  • Twin speakers deliver 30W of power through passive radiators for improved audio performance
  • 7200 mAh battery delivers up to 8 hours of playback
  • Quick charges in 3 hours

Its rugged drop and spill proof design makes the AOMAIS Go Bluetooth speaker a top contender when it comes to having fun outdoors. 30W twin speakers and passive radiators deliver powerful sound, which may be why its 7200 mAh battery lasts 8 hours. That short battery life is well compensated for by its quick charge functionality, which has the battery charged to full within an hour.

7. Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Ultra Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers loudest bluetooth speakerCheck price plus free shipping at Amazon.com

  • Two precision acoustic drivers delivers 10W of stereo sound and enhanced bass from a proprietary passive bass radiator design
  • Rechargeable 2200 mAh battery for up to 12 hours of playback
  • #1 Best Seller in Wireless & Streaming Audio Systems on Amazon

The Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 has been making a stir with amazing sound in a proprietary design. The portable package features two low powered 5W speakers and a passive radiator design intended to boost its range and depth. In fact, it’s often recommended first by customers purchasing a system like a Bluetooth record player. With a 12-hour playback time thanks to a smaller 2200 mAh battery, the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 ranks well amongst other speakers on our list. The addition of IPX7 water resistance for use as an outdoor Bluetooth speaker is a welcome feature in the low cost category.

8. Photive M90 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker outdoor bluetooth speakersCheck price plus free shipping at Amazon.com

  • 20W powered passive radiator design
  • Rechargeable 5000 mAh battery for up to 10 hours of playback
  • Rugged shock absorbing design

The Photive M90 is a more affordable alternative to the AOMAIS GO, trading off less powerful speakers for a longer playback time. Just like the AOMAIS GO, the Photive M90 features a rugged drop-and-spill-proof design that makes it suitable for outdoor activities. If you prefer having a longer playback time to louder sound, the Photive M90 is the perfect alternative Bluetooth speaker to buy instead of the AOMAIS GO. Either way, Photive deserves a top spot on our best Bluetooth speakers roundup.

9. APIE Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers waterproof bluetooth speakerCheck price plus free shipping at Amazon.com

  • Two 5W speakers with decent audio
  • 22000 mAh battery with up to 10 hours of playback
  • Built-in mic for hands free speakerphone functionality

The APIE Portable Bluetooth speaker is another great waterproof Bluetooth speaker for portability. It combines the rugged style design of outdoor speakers like the Photive M90 and AOMAIS Go with the ultra portability and long-lasting battery life of the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3. Unlike the OontZ Angle 3 though, the APIE does not have any passive radiators for sound enhancement.

10. AOMAIS Ball Best Bluetooth Speakers loudest bluetooth speakerCheck price plus free shipping at Amazon.com

  • Has one 10W and one 5W DSP driven full range speaker to provide a diverse audio range
  • Pair two speakers together to get a full surround sound experience
  • 2500 mAh battery provides up to 10 hours of playback time

The AOMAIS Ball introduces a new breed of Bluetooth speakers to the scene that can pair together to deliver an authentic surround sound experience. Another ultra portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker, the AOMAIS Ball easily clips onto a belt loop or anywhere else you want it to go. Instead of pairing two identical speakers, the AOMAIS Ball also gets innovative with its drivers by pairing a 10W full range speaker with a 5W full range speaker to deliver the best DSP audio experience.

11. Bose SoundLink Revolve Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers waterproof bose speakerCheck price plus free shipping at Amazon.com

  • 360-degree design
  • 12 hour battery life
  • NFC tap-to-pair as well as Bluetooth wireless pairing so you can pair multiple speakers for an authentic surround sound experience

Never to be outdone, Bose brings innovations to the Bluetooth speaker scene with its waterproof Soundlink Revolve. Along with a 12 hour battery life, the Soundlink Revolve features tap-to-pair technology so you can skip the headache of Bluetooth pairing. It also boasts the ability to pair with other Soundlink Revolve speakers to amplify depth and loudness. Perhaps the biggest innovation in the Revolve is a unique design, which delivers true 360-degree coverage. It’s a unique thing to experience, and should be tested. Customer reviews are mixed, and vary depending on use and room size or shape.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Roundup: Know What You Want & Do Your Homework

Selecting the best Bluetooth speakers may be as simple as knowing what features you need. Paying careful attention to customer reviews is also an important piece of the puzzle. As a final note, price has a large impact on quality of sound, playback time, and manufacturing quality. It’s particularly apparent in the Bluetooth speaker market. While we endorse all of the products on our list,  expect significant trade offs as you dial up or down price. Happy speaker hunting!

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