A TV presenter alleges that Apple stopped Jon Stewart from having an interview with FTC Chair Lina Khan.

A TV presenter alleges that Apple stopped Jon Stewart from having an interview with FTC Chair Lina Khan.## The Impact of Apple on Jon Stewart’s Program

Renowned TV presenter Jon Stewart recently disclosed that technological behemoth Apple exerted a notable influence on his program, ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart,’ on Apple TV+. Stewart claimed that Apple prevented him from conducting an interview with Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan and warned against discussions related to artificial intelligence.

The Strained Relationship Between Apple and Jon Stewart

This is not the debut instance of conflicts between Apple and Stewart coming to light. Upon the cancellation of his show in October last year, speculations arose that disagreements on guests and subject matter played a significant role. The New York Times reported that China and AI were contentious issues between the duo. Stewart confirmed this during a CBS Morning Show interview afterward his reappearance announcement on The Daily Show.

Stewart’s Conversation with FTC Chair Lina Khan

During a conversation with Khan on The Daily Show, Stewart announced, “I must confess, I intended to have you on a podcast, but Apple requested we avoid doing it—to have you. They explicitly said, ‘Please refrain from engaging with her.'” Khan appeared on the program to discuss the FTC’s endeavors to tackle corporate monopolies in the technology sector and the hurdles they encounter.

Khan, who assumed the position of FTC chair in 2021, is famed for her assertive opposition to monopolistic tactics amongst Big Tech corporations like Amazon and Meta.

Apple’s Hang-ups Around AI

Stewart also validated that AI was a problematic topic for Apple. He indicated a segment on AI in his series that ridiculed tech heads for their idealistic perception of AI while admitting that it would supplant many occupations. This segment did not specifically refer to Apple or its executives.

Apple presently employs AI-associated technologies within its software, services, and equipment. However, it has not yet explored generative AI, a groundbreaking area that has garnered both hope and skepticism. The firm is anticipated to debut its initial generative AI functionalities in iOS 18, a new operating system update for iPhones.

Wrapping Up

Jon Stewart’s exposures illuminate the sway tech heavyweights like Apple can possess over media substance. While it’s standard for corporations to safeguard their stakes, the magnitude of Apple’s command over a show it broadcasts provokes queries concerning free speech and power relationships between tech firms and media.


Q: Can you tell me who Lina Khan is?
A: Lina Khan serves as the Chair of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). She is recognized for her robust resistance against monopolistic behaviors amongst Big Tech enterprises.

Q: What was the discord between Apple and Jon Stewart’s program?
A: Jon Stewart revealed that Apple had disputes with him engaging certain guests, such as FTC Chair Lina Khan, and broaching certain subjects, like artificial intelligence.

Q: Can you explain generative AI?
A: Generative AI is a variety of artificial intelligence capable of developing new content, like images, textual matter, or music. It’s an emerging sector in AI that has drawn both positive and negative attention.

Q: When is Apple predicted to launch generative AI features?
A: Apple is predicted to roll out its first generative AI features in iOS 18, a forthcoming operating system upgrade for iPhones.