The Best Earbuds That Don’t Fall Out of Your Ears

Looking for earbuds that don’t fall out? You’re in great company. Earbuds have some major advantages over typical headphones. They’re more portable, easier to use for calls, and now wireless thanks to Bluetooth technology. There’s just one problem… Earbuds tend to fall out of your ears. It’s an annoying and costly design issue that many companies are trying to fix.

Earbuds That Don’t Fall Out Roundup 

The latest round of earbuds that don’t fall out of your ears are a diverse bunch. To help you find the best earbuds that don’t fall out of your ears we’re dividing our guide into a few parts. Click the links below to read a specific section, or scroll down to see the entire list:

Earbuds That Don’t Fall Out When Running

The last thing a runner wants to think about is fidgeting with falling earbuds every 30 seconds. But that’s exactly what happens if you buy the wrong pair. Running produces a lot of force on a pair of earbuds, and that means you need a pair with sticking power. Here’s our selection of the best earbuds that don’t fall out when running.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Boost Edition Sport Earbuds Out of stock on

Earbuds that don't fall out when running↗️ VIEW AT AMAZONDesigners have been trying to make earbuds for runners for a long time. Today we have quite a few options to work with. The Plantronics BackBeat FIT Boost Edition makes the top of our list of earbuds that don’t fall out when running.
  • Earbuds that stay in place no matter what. The great thing about the BackBeat FIT is their ability to stay firmly in place when running. Thanks to a rigid, rubberized head strap these earbuds aren’t going anywhere.
  • Waterproof and sweatproof for long use. These earbuds feature a nano-coating that repels water and sweat.
  • Bluetooth enabled device needs to stay close. You’ll need to keep your iPod or smartphone on your person when running. That can cause some consternation for people that don’t like to carry a device. There are a few great sports bands that make this a non-issue if you are willing to spend a bit more.
  • Reverse headband may be uncomfortable for some users. The unique reverse headband works well, but could annoy runners that aren’t used to this style.

Jaybird X3 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones $83.95 on

Release the Kraken! The Jaybird X3’s squid-like appendages are meant to fight tightly in your ear when running, while the behind the neck cord stabilizes. While they aren’t a rigid around head solution, the X3’s are a great follow up act in our list of earbuds that don’t fall out.
  • Includes multiple sizes of silicon ear tips and fins. Everybody’s ears are unique, and Jaybird didn’t cut corners by leaving things up to chance. The included ear tip and fin kit has enough shapes and sizes to fit anyone, ensuring the X3 stays put during long runs.
  • Cool color schemes. Jaybird offers 7 different color schemes that are some of the most unique in the earbuds game. Check out the camouflage edition!
  • Ear fins only go so far. While the ear fins offer plenty of stabilization, extreme runs may require a better solution. If you’re at all concerned about secure fit, the Plantronics BackBeat FIT Boost Edition Sport earbuds are the best candidate. We also cover similar products in our list of wireless earbuds with long battery life.

Earbuds That Don’t Fall Out When Lifting

Lifting can be a part of daily life. Squats, bench presses, and power lifting all produce less motion force than running. Unfortunately it’s still enough to knock a decent pair of earbuds out of your ears. There are some special considerations when wearing earbuds while lifting. Here’s our guide to the best earbuds that don’t fall out when lifting.

ENACFIRE E19 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds $49.99 on

True wireless earbuds that don't fall out↗️ VIEW AT AMAZONIf you want to go fully wireless, which means no connecting headband or lanyard, the ENACFIRE E19 True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are the way to go. These outstanding earbuds are tiny, but stay firmly in your ear thanks to silicone ear tips. It’s an ingenious design that adds a new dimension to your lift.

  • True wireless earbuds that stay snug in your ears. Lifting involves moving from lateral to standing positions. You’re stacking weights, doing sets, and moving to the next setup. The ENACFIRE E19’s won’t budge.
  • Earbuds with loud sound that doesn’t spill over. Have you ever been bothered by the sound of someone else’s headphones? Sometimes people play music at such a loud volume that it spills over. The E19’s produce a surprisingly loud volume without that same effect, sparing fellow gym members. This may be a turnoff to people who need full blast music to keep the party going.
  • True wireless earbuds need regular recharging. You’ll have to recharge the E19’s often, depending on how long you lift. The average user gets about 5 hours of use out of the E19’s before charging, so expect to charge every couple of days.

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Earbuds $199.00 on

Best earbuds for lifting↗️ VIEW AT AMAZONStacking weights is part of the deal. There’s nothing more annoying than earbuds with a cord to get caught in the process. If you’ve ever had earbuds ripped out of your ear you know the pain and distraction from the workout. That’s where the Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless earbuds come in. 
  • Big, beautiful Bose sound quality. There’s no denying Bose delivers unforgettable sound. Even in a smaller earbud format, Bose is able to achieve a rich, full sounding experience that can go as loud as you can stand.
  • Comfortable fit when moving vertical to horizontal. The tight lanyard and snug fit of the ear tips helps keep things stabilized when moving from bench to squat to incline. These are truly earbuds that don’t fall out when lifting. The included microphone and controller also sits snugly without being uncomfortable.
  • The lanyard can still get caught on benches and bars. While the SoundSport Pulse Wireless are a great pair of earbuds, we still see potential for the lanyard that connects the two earbuds to get caught on a bench or bar. It’s the most annoying thing about lifting with headphones, and as long as that cord exists the opportunity for it to get snagged does too.

Earbuds That Don’t Fall Out When Commuting

The daily commute usually means a lot of movement, whether you ride the subway or make the daily drive. You’ve got a lot of considerations, so you don’t want to worry about earbuds getting tangled or falling out. At the same time, you want to block out the ambient noise of the outside world, and enjoy a little personal time. Here’s our list of the best earbuds that don’t fall out when commuting.

Treblab X5 – Advanced Bluetooth Headphones $71.95 at

earbuds don't fall out
↗️ VIEW AT AMAZONUsing your smartphone is a must during any commute. Whether it’s Waze for traffic updates, SoundCloud for music, or getting ahead of the work day, a smartphone changes the game. But knocking out distractions can make things even better. That’s why the Treblab X5 is at the top of our commute guide.
  • Unique and discreet design. The X5’s aren’t as garish as other true wireless earbuds. They’re a bit more discreet for commute time, when you don’t necessarily want strangers staring at your floating earbuds. The design is functional as well, with controls that are easy to use without making a scene or using voice commands.
  • Excellent value. Treblab created some really high quality, durable, and good looking true wireless earbuds without skimping on cheap parts. The sound is crystal clear when listening to music or making calls. At the same time, they cost half many other products in the category. They may not be the best for workouts or audiophiles, but they are good enough for the money.
  • Battery could be better. The X5’s feature a very thin design, but part of that micro size is a reduced battery life. When compared to other products in our lineup, the X5’s active use time is at the bottom of the list, with about 4 hours covered before a charge.

Apple AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset Check on Amazon at

AirPods don't fall out of your ears↗️ VIEW AT AMAZONIt should be no surprise that Apple’s AirPods make our list of best earbuds that don’t fall out of your ears. While the iconic white wireless earbuds seem small and easy to lose, the product engineers at Apple know a thing or two about form and function. The result are earbuds that stay in place and offer hands free features for control.
  • Works out of the box with little troubleshooting. Other true wireless earbuds require individual synchronization to work properly. In true Apple fashion the AirPods are simple to set up in the first 5 minutes.
  • Sounds great at all ranges, and has enough power to drown out the sounds of the commute. Even though you’re wearing tiny, white earbuds with no cord, AirPods sound big. The robust sound can drown out even the loudest of subway commutes. Maybe that’s why you see so many people wearing them every day.
  • Not the most stable in our lineup. While AirPods seem to stay firmly planted, they may not be right for those who commute more aggressively. The solid design also means there are no ear tips to adjust, which may cause some users to have a painful earbuds experience. Bike commuters may take note, it’s not incredibly difficult to lose one of these rather expensive earbuds.