There’s an App for That: Lynx Stream

This week’s featured app seeks to help users solve that elusive question: what happened last night? Lynx Stream is a social aggregator that collects every tweet, check-in, picture, video and status update of your night and blends it into a single delicious video.

It’s not just your content either; everyone who is there for the night (and whom you invite via Stream) can take part in the content smoothie. You can then edit what you want in the stream (just in case it gets a little too embarrassing) and share it with your friends.

Revolutionary? Yep.

Lynx Stream is a revolutionary app because it provides a fun and easy mobile solution for an age old problem. Lynx, the British affiliate of Axe Body Spray, isn’t pushing product down users throats. Instead the company focuses on providing a fun and useful experience that appeals to the brands core audience.

Sorry, America. You’re going to have to find another way to piece together last night’s events – this app is currently available only in the UK.