Next week, Spotify plans to extend its complimentary audiobook credit to Canada and various other countries.

Next week, Spotify plans to extend its complimentary audiobook credit to Canada and various other countries.## Spotify Increases Availability of Free Audiobook Credit

Spotify, the renowned music streaming service, has declared its extension of free audiobook credit to Canada and other countries next week. This decision aligns with Spotify’s continuous endeavour to broaden its content diversity and enhance the user experience.

The free audiobook credit grants Spotify users the opportunity to access one complimentary audiobook each month. Initially, this feature was restricted to certain countries, but with this boost, users in Canada and various other countries will now avail this advantage.

Efforts Towards Diversification by Spotify

The decision by Spotify to amplify its free audiobook credit comes in line with its wide-ranging strategy to diversify its content. The brand has persistently been introducing more non-music content across its platform, including podcasts and audiobooks, aiming to cater to a broader audience and compete with alternate streaming platforms.

ChatGPT by OpenAI Now Accessible Without an Account

In additional tech developments, OpenAI has now made its ChatGPT tool accessible to users without necessitating an account. OpenAI interprets this step as a component of its objective to “widen the availability of tools like ChatGPT, allowing people to leverage the advantages of AI.”

ChatGPT by OpenAI is an efficient AI tool capable of producing text akin to human writing based on the received input. Its applications span a range, from drafting emails, and writing articles to creating conversational agents.

Closing Remarks

The growth of Spotify’s free audiobook credit and OpenAI’s choice to render ChatGPT accessible without an account, are considered substantial strides in the tech landscape. They underline the continued endeavours of these corporations in enhancing the accessibility and benefits of their services to a larger audience.

Query and Response

Q1: Can you explain Spotify’s free audiobook credit?

A1: Spotify’s free audiobook credit is a feature that permits its users to access one complimentary audiobook each month.

Q2: Why did Spotify decide to extend its free audiobook credit?

A2: The extension of Spotify’s free audiobook credit aligns with its constant manoeuvre to widen its content and increase its value to the users.

Q3: Could you describe OpenAI’s ChatGPT?

A3: ChatGPT is a potent AI instrument by OpenAI, capable of generating text that mirrors human writing based on provided input, with applications extending from email drafting, penning articles to forming conversational agents.

Q4: What was the reason behind OpenAI availing ChatGPT without necessitating an account?

A4: OpenAI has enabled access to ChatGPT without an account as part of its objective to spread the usage of AI tools, so people can directly experience the advantages AI has to offer.