Apple has launched its first new video about 3D Vision Pro since its inception. The footage runs just a few minutes long.

Apple has launched its first new video about 3D Vision Pro since its inception. The footage runs just a few minutes long.## An In-depth Review of Apple’s Vision Pro: Examining the Latest 3D Video Content

Apple recently unveiled its first fresh 3D Vision Pro video since launching the product. The video, a few minutes in length, is the premier sports content for the device, shining a spotlight on the highlights from the previous year’s Major League Soccer (MLS) playoffs. This launch comes following a two-month void of new content for the Vision Pro headset.

A Short Overview of Vision Pro’s Engrossing Video Content

Starting its journey with three Engrossing Video series named Adventure, Prehistoric Planet, and Wildlife, the Vision Pro had each series premiere with “Episode 1” of “Season 1.” However, close to two months have elapsed since the launch, and there’s a lack of new episodes for these series. The only additional Engrossing Video content available is a performance video by Alicia Keyes. At just a few minutes in duration, these videos occupy a small strip in the TV app.

Understanding the Capabilities and Constraints of Vision Pro

The Vision Pro has received commendation for its ability to display 2D films and videos. Moreover, the device’s 3D video capabilities seem promising, especially with the initial original 3D content contributions from Apple. Still, the anticipation for more episodes hasn’t come to fruition.

Apple hasn’t provided a proprietary app to enable playing of 3D videos downloaded from the internet on the Vision Pro. However, an independent developer has filled this gap with an app known as Reality Player. Although there are a few 3D video streaming or downloading services available on the visionOS App Store, the offerings are minimal compared to other headsets.

Spatial Computing: A Glimpse into VR’s Future?

Apple hasn’t marketed the Vision Pro as a VR headset but prefers the term “spatial computing”. This is because the device offers more functionalities than most VR headsets. However, when considering passive viewing content, the Vision Pro is still trailing behind its competitors.

Most applications function similarly to iPad apps, with 2D viewports at the content. These viewports can be positioned as per the user’s choice. Most video content is also in 2D. Although this feature might be useful in some scenarios, it’s surprising that Apple hasn’t committed more to genuine 3D content.

Wrapping It Up

While the soccer video release indicates progress for Apple’s Vision Pro, it’s evident that there’s much ground to cover concerning 3D and immersive video content. It will be intriguing to monitor Apple’s continued growth in this technology and the resulting new content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does the new content for the Vision Pro consist of?

A1: The latest content is a brief sports highlights film from the prior year’s Major League Soccer (MLS) playoffs.

Q2: What other Engrossing Video content can be found on Vision Pro?

A2: In addition to the sports film, other Engrossing Video content features a performance video by Alicia Keyes and the first episodes of the series Adventure, Prehistoric Planet, and Wildlife.

Q3: What are the strengths of the Vision Pro?

A3: The Vision Pro can render 2D films and videos and shows promising capabilities for 3D video display.

Q4: How does the Vision Pro stack up against other VR headsets?

A4: While the Vision Pro offers more in terms of spatial computing than most VR headsets, it falls short in terms of passive viewing content.

Q5: Has Apple developed any apps for the Vision Pro to play 3D videos?

A5: No, Apple hasn’t developed a first-party app to play 3D videos. However, an independent developer has released an app called Reality Player to fill this void.