The 5 Best Wood Grain Headphones and Earbuds

Wood grain headphones and earbuds are all the rage. Our guide separates the saplings from the redwoods.

When it comes to wood grain earbuds and headphones, there are a lot of bad apples in the bunch. Fake wood, plasticky textures, and poor sound quality can ruin an otherwise beautiful aesthetic. We’ve hand-selected the best in genuine wood grain audio, evaluated each product, and provided current Amazon pricing below. Want more headphones? Check out our other features:

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Symphonized Sensation Walnut Wireless Wood Headphones

The walnut-covered Symphonized Sensation delivers a classic sound in a classic package. Bass is deep and rich, while higher tones are, for the most part, on point. You also get no wires with your wood, meaning you can enjoy music, podcasts, and video content through any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Symphonized Sensation Bluetooth Headphones Review: 4.5/5.0


  • Great sound for the money with all ranges well-represented.
  • Walnut wood looks great, and will gain character with time and use.
  • Bluetooth battery life is quoted at 9 hours by Symphonized. In our wear down test we achieved nearly this exact use time on the nose. That’s uncommon for over ear headphones in the sub $50 price range.
  • A spare cord with remote and a charging cord are both included, meaning the Sensations are ready to go out of the box as well as in tight spots when you need a cord to listen.


  • Slightly uncomfortable after several hours of use. We haven’t yet tested a pair of over ear headphone aside from the Bose QuietComfort 35 that we totally loved for longer than 4 hours.
  • Voice control in wireless mode is spotty at best, impossible to use at worst. This is more of a gimmick than a true feature. We suggest to avoid using it altogether.


Onyx ELO Genuine Wood In-ear Headphones

Onyx brings their A game with the ELO wood grain earbuds that look turned from a single piece of timber. This unique, single-piece design is at the top of our wood grain list when it comes to looks. Accented by a silver metal strip and rounded out with a woven, tangle-free headphone cord the ELOs exude sophistication. Multiple, truly fun neon color options and sound that is above what we would expect in the sub-$25 price category make the ELOs a compelling buy.

Onyx ELO Wood Grain Earbuds Review: 4.0/5.0


  • Woven, tangle-free headphones won’t turn into a plate of spaghetti in your bag.
  • Beautiful dark wood grain housing looks to be carved from a single piece of wood.
  • Super lightweight; we barely felt them in when going about the day.
  • Bright, fun color options add to the unique look of Onyx ELO. The colors are high quality and parts are changed all the way up to the earbud, meaning the remote control color matches the cord in each version. Check out the orange version for our favorite!


  • Though Onyx includes several silicone earbuds, we found the lightweight, slightly protruding design isn’t ideal for workout sessions or vigorous movement. The earbuds had a tendency to pop out. If you’re looking for sporty usability for your workout, try our recent look at alternatives to Apple AirPods for under $50.
  • Overall high ranges were not great here, but for $24.99 the Onyx ELO’s sound quality is totally acceptable.
  • Onyx attempts the old “noise isolation” trick with the product description. It’s easy to mistake this for acoustic noise cancellation like the sublime and worth every penny $250 Bose QuietComfort 20. In truth, the ELOs simply plug your ear hole, making it harder for other sounds to get in.


Symphonized NRG Genuine Wood In-ear Headphones

If you appreciate music and don’t want to drop a cool $300.00 on studio headphones Alauda may fit the bill. Recently an International Design Excellence Awards Finalist in the headphone category, these high-quality earbuds deliver measured frequency response, inline microphone/remote for iOS devices, and multiple color/sound configurations for personal flare.

Symphonized NRG Earbuds Review: 4.5/5.0


  • The best looking wood grain earbuds behind the Onyx ELO with a rich, almost red hue to the wood grain.
  • Sound is substantial at all ranges, including deep bass. These are earbuds, so be aware the sound will not be as good as over ear headphones like the KINDEN Professional
  • The tangle-free nylon headphone cord is a welcome addition to the wood grain look. This extra attention to detail is one of the reasons why the NRGs made our list.


  • Similar to other earbuds we have reviewed, Symphonized uses the ear canal-blocking earbud format to hint at noise reduction technology. While it’s technically not a lie, it’s a bit disingenuous.
  • Several color options beyond the stark white cord and remote, but prices vary from $17.99 to $25.00 depending on your choice. It feels like Symphonized may be charging a premium here for color.


KINDEN Professional Over Ear Headphones

We expect KINDEN to bring premium sound to the table, and that’s exactly what they deliver with the nearly $100 over ear wood grain Professional headphones. The Pros represent an obsessive focus on sound quality, so much so that the cord includes no remote or attachments that would interfere or interrupt sound signal. It’s an interesting design move, but one that ensures audiophiles will enjoy perfect sound with a retro design.

KINDEN Professional Over Ear Headphones Review: 4.5/5.0


  • Nearly perfect sound. KINDEN makes no compromises here on audio quality. While that’s reflected in the price, you’ll be getting squeezing value out of every dollar.
  • Fully-detachable, high quality TPE cable to match the Professional product name and a bevy of pro accessories (see below).
  • The waxed, polished wood headphone caps are gorgeous. The KINDENs look like they come from a bygone era when things were made with quality and beauty in mind.
  • Surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear even during extended sessions.


  • We get the intentional move to sacrifice a remote control for audio quality, but in today’s age that can be a tough sell. These are studio headphones for people concerned with listing to the best in quality without interruption, but you won’t want to take these on your commute or to the gym.
  • At nearly $100, the KINDEN Professionals are at the top of the price range. Audiophile customers will appreciate the Pros more than most.


Mailiya Sport Bluetooth Headphones

The wood grain variants of the popular Mailiya Sport line of Bluetooth headphones aren’t made of real wood. Plastic on a genuine wood list? Blasphemy! Hear us out, because the Mailiyas are perfect for an active lifestyle with a durability that real wood can’t match.

Mailiya Bluetooth Sport Headphones Wood Grain Review: 4.0/5


  • Lightweight, active lifestyle design affixes to your ears and won’t let go. We took the Mailiyas through a rigorous routine with no issues, and moisture or sweat won’t ruin the wood grain.
  • They look great. Really. The wood grain is clearly not real, however the sharp lines and futuristic design create a wonderfully balanced and unique juxtaposition.
  • 6-7 hours of real world use is plenty for a workout or run, but may be a tad short when compared to other Bluetooth headphone solutions. We prefer 8 hours of real world use for Bluetooth headphones meant to be used throughout the day.
  • At under $30, the Mailiya Sport isn’t the cheapest option, but far from the most expensive. We found the price to be totally reasonable for the technology and sound quality packed into these Bluetooth headphones.


  • No remote means controls are on the actual ear piece. This is not ideal and not a natural interface. Despite the annoying button positioning, we got used to hitting volume up and down after a few hours.
  • Voice prompts are somewhat annoying and difficult to understand. Setting the Mailiya Sports up with the included written instructions is recommended.

That’s a wrap on our list of the best genuine wood grain headphones. While you’re at it, you should also check out our list of Apple AirPod alternatives for under $50 and our monster list of tangle-free headphones and earbuds.