Report: Anticipated Release of Revamped M3 iPad Pros and Big-Screen iPad Air in May

Report: Anticipated Release of Revamped M3 iPad Pros and Big-Screen iPad Air in May## Impending Release of Revamped M3 iPad Pros and Large-Screen iPad Air

Keen Apple supporters have been desperately waiting for the launch of the latest iPads, and it appears that their patience will soon be rewarded. As per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, newly designed iPad Pros housing Apple’s M3 chip, as well as updated iPad Air models featuring the M2 chip and a bigger screen, are anticipated to roll out this coming early May.

Delays Due to Advanced Manufacturing Processes

The holdup has been credited to sophisticated new production procedures involved in screen manufacturing. Apple is also allegedly finalizing the software for these upcoming devices.

The Novice iPad Pro Models

The incoming iPad Pro models will pioneer the utilization of OLED display panels. They will undergo a design alteration, the first since 2018 when the iPad Pros revealed the present-day rounded, slim-bezeled appearance. These updated iPad Pros will also be packaged with a revamped Magic Keyboard, and Apple Pencil accessories. However, it is yet uncertain whether these peripherals will undergo a total makeover or just be tweaked to accommodate the new tablets.

The Revised iPad Air

The iPad Air’s renovation seems to be more direct. It is likely to maintain the present design, akin to the 2018 iPad Pro update, but carrying a power button-based TouchID fingerprint sensor superseding a FaceID camera for authentication. The new Airs will house an M2 chip, replacing the current M1, and a 12.9-inch model will provide a cheaper large-screen alternative for individuals who primarily use their iPad as their main computer but not willing to splurge on the Pro’s additional features.

Pricing and Other Tablets

Speculations imply that the iPad Pro could be subjected to a price surge when compared to the present model, although the exact hike is not yet disclosed. There’s also silence about the rest of the tablets in Apple’s repertoire, all of which are at least a year or two old. The sixth-generation iPad mini and the ninth-generation iPad priced at $329 were last revised in September 2021, whereas the peculiarly placed 10th-generation iPad was launched in October 2022.

Potential of Apple’s M-Series Chips

Despite the thrill that new hardware generation brings, it appears the potency of Apple’s M-series chips is not fully exploited in Apple’s tablets. Due to the iPad’s fairly confined multitasking model, restrictions on external software, and absence of performance-demanding high-end applications in Apple’s app store, performance isn’t really an issue with current-generation iPads. However, Apple is predicted to reveal new OS versions at its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on June 10, which might bring in new attributes that take full advantage of Apple’s latest chips.


The forthcoming introduction of the remodeled M3 iPad Pros and larger-screened iPad Air is much awaited. Despite the setbacks caused by intricate manufacturing methods and software completion, these new versions pledge alluring attributes and improvements. With the deployment of OLED display panels, reconstructed accessories, and mighty M-series chips, the upcoming iPads promise to deliver an enhanced user experience.

Queries & Replies

Q1: When is the launch of the new iPads scheduled?
A1: The new iPads are slated for an early May release.

Q2: What are the noteworthy features of the incoming iPad Pro models?
A2: The novel iPad Pro models will debut using OLED display panels and will boast of redesigned Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories.

Q3: What modifications are expected in the updated iPad Air?
A3: The overhauled iPad Air is expected to uphold the existing design, upgrade to an M2 chip substituting the current M1, and the introduction of a 12.9-inch version.

Q4: Is a price surge expected for the new iPad Pro?
A4: There are speculations surrounding a price surge for the new iPad Pro, but the exact increase is still undisclosed.

Q5: What role will Apple’s M-series chips play in the new iPads?
A5: The M-series chips exhibit tremendous power, but their total potential may not be realized due to appropriations in the iPad’s multitasking model and restrictions on external software. However, new OS updates anticipated this June might offer features that harness these chips’ capabilities more efficiently.