The Best Studio Monitor and DJ Headphones to Break the Bank

The best DJ headphones provide both form and function. In fact, this year we’ve got a few products that are literal works of art, produced by hand and in limited quantities. Nobody said it would be easy, you’ve gotta spend money to make money, right? Our roundup of the best DJ headphones can also double as ultra-stylish studio monitor headphones, but if you have a smaller style budget you may try out our list of the best wood grain headphones and earbuds.

Pryma Headphones, Heavy Gold best DJ headphones Pryma Studio Monitor Headphonesbest dj headphones

The Pryma Headphones evoke high fashion, and you’ll pay for it too. Like walking down the street wearing a couture designer, Pryma will help you make sure everyone else knows you are better than they are. These best DJ headphones elevate you to fashion icon. Let’s review:

  • Gold. Because gold is what people who DGAF about money wear on their heads, like a crown of sound. And if gold is your thing but not at this price, try our roundup of rose gold headphones instead!
  • The head strap is like a gold-riveted belt you can adjust or take off, which can double as a belt for that heiress-sized -4 waist.
  • The word ‘heavy’ is in the name, so you know they are high quality. You also know you’ll need a chiropractor to fix your jacked up neck. No problem, it’s only money!

Grado GS1000e Statement Series Open-Air Stereo Headphone best studio monitor headphonesbest DJ headphones Grado

Grado kills some trees and animals to make these babies. No shame in their game, because those giant mahogany wood chunks on the earpieces will get you noticed. A few other gems:

  • The Grado Statement headphones are for people who need to show the world they can afford thousand dollar headphones. As if to say, “I’m making a statement.”
  • A hand crafted mahogany sleeve. Because sound is better if piped through endangered plants and animals. This is way more mahogany than you will find on the meager Reference series.
  • The Grado GS series is hand assembled in Brooklyn. That means you’re getting good ol’ American craftsmanship at good ol’ American prices. If you want the best DJ headphones, you gotta pay the best DJ prices, right?

beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation Audiophile Stereo Best DJ Headphones best dj headphones metalbest dj headphones beyerdynamic

Look like Robocop in these swank nearly-$1,000 studio monitor or best DJ headphones. Bear with us, there’s a lot of jargon in them thar features:

  • In some of the best language gymnastics we’e ever seen, the T1’s are advertised with ‘Highly Efficient Tesla Technology Drivers’. We always knew Nikola was an audiophile.
  • Memory Foam ear pieces. Your ears will be sleeping soundly in no time, and with less back pain!
  • Over $1,000. But hey, they are Prime so free shipping.

Meze 99 Classics Gold Best DJ Headphones Daft Punk Looking Up From Newspaperdaft punk best DJ headphones

There’s nothing like a classic. We wouldn’t say these best DJ headphones qualify, the sentiment is nice. And they look great, so you’ve got that going for you too. Why buy Beats when you can get:

  • Real walnut wood earcups. What did you expect for this bargain-basement price, mammoth fossil?
  • Groovy space-aged design ensures you will look like you come from the future while making the very ironic statement that you live in the past.
  • Gold plating makes another appearance in the Meze 99 line. Just to be clear: this isn’t the real thing.

Bowers & Wilkins P9 Best DJ Headphones best headphones for DJsbest Studio Headphones for DJ

These aren’t your dad’s best DJ headphones, just cleverly disguised as them. With enough leather to saddle a horse and a relatively minimalist style, these actually make the top of our list for form and function. Deets:

  • Italian Saffiano leather, which is like, really expensive Italian leather. Buttery soft too.
  • Forged foldable aluminum arms. We’re not sure what kind of aluminum isn’t forged at one point or another, but the folding option is nice for transportation between DJ gigs.
  • Piston diaphragm speaker drivers which is Bowers & Wilkins’ way of saying the sound is good. We believe them.

That’s it for this roundup. Want to see more? Check out our new mega list of tangle-free earbuds, or our roundup of the best Bluetooth earbuds to take your game completely cord free.