3 Lessons to Learn from the Nesquik Bunny-fier App

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Nesquik recently released its Bunny-fier app, but with a market already flooded by branded apps, it’s underwhelming to say the least. It’s simple, allowing users to choose from a variety of bunny ears to paste onto unsuspecting photo subjects, but that’s it. More than that, though, it does little to turn users into customers or even more engaged fans. Let’s break down what exactly went wrong to make the Nesquik Bunny-fier app a less than successful marketing venture.

Nesquik Bunny-fier App

One blatant advertisement.

One of the challenges any form of marketing faces is planting the seed that turns a casual fan into a customer. The Nesquik attempt to do this just involves a pretty blatant advertisement for the product at the bottom of the Bunny-fied image. If the team thought that a simple product shot would be enough to inspire action on the consumers part, they were mistaken. That’s because…

There’s nothing to take the user from app to site.

There aren’t any links to any Nesquik presence (official site, social accounts, etc) anywhere in the app itself. Not only does this prevent users from possibly purchasing the product, it prevents users from becoming fans of the brand across the social space. Rather than enabling casual app users to become more engaged fans with just the tap of a finger, fans are left to find and ‘fan’ the brand on their own — something that there’s no guarantee they’ll actually do.

Nothing to share photo from app to Facebook, Twitter

One of the features that helps photo apps catch on is the ability for users to share them across their social accounts. Not only does it make them more useful for the user, it helps spread the word about the app itself. If it’s up to the user to scroll through their phone’s camera roll after the fact and share it manually, that user is going to be less likely to share the photo and possibly less likely to use the app again.

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