Strudel Düdeler Turns Fan Tweets Into Strudel Art

Strudel Düdeler

This week followership on Toaster Strudel’s brand new Twitter skyrocketed thanks to a bit of robotic assistance — but not the kind you think. The breakfast pastry’s recent social success has nothing to do with Tweetbots or the like, but rather the Strudel Düdeler, a machine that turns fan tweets into Toaster Strudel frosting art.

As you can see in the video above, the Strudel Düdeler is “an amazing strudel decorating tool” powered by tweets and run by Hans, a lederhosen-clad spokesboy from the fictional land (hello, Alpine stereotypes) of Breakfürg. Toaster Strudel invites fans to answer the question, “How do you get your morning moving?” using the designated #StrudelArt hashtag. If your tweet is selected, Hans will use the Strudel Düdeler to create a custom icing design based on your message and reply with a TwitPic of the #StrudelArt creation.

In the example below, Hans provides his icing interpretation of @MerHolland’s morning.

So how are things going so far? Prior to the Strudel Düdeler’s introduction, the three-week-old Toaster Strudel account had just about 200 followers. A few days and icing pics later, they’ve far surpassed 1,000 followers, facilitated dozens of engagements with strudel fans, and gotten their fair share of press coverage, which only brings more attention to the account. This clever social campaign gets fans engaged because it’s backed by three reliable social tenants: goofball humor, visuals, and minimal effort on the fan’s part.

Of course I have to mention the real icing on the strudel, the tweet below from actress Lacey Chabert. Sure, Chabert could have tweeted this on her own accord, but I like to think there was a clever PR person facilitating the whole thing. Mean Girls, anyone?