Explore Space with 5 Stellar Apps

April 12 marked a very important day in science and space exploration history. It marked 31 years since the first launch of a Space Shuttle, 51 years since Yuri Gagarin performed the first space walk and 379 years since the inquest against Galileo and his concept of a heliocentric Solar System began. With that in mind, here are 5 apps to help you commemorate these major events in world history and flex your science geek muscle.

Luminos Astronomy app, astronomy, space

Luminos Astronomy¬†– $3.99 for iOS – Although this app carries a larger than average price tag, it more than makes up for it with its beauty and comprehensiveness. In addition to offering views ¬†of over 2,500,000 stars, thousands of galaxies, nebulas, asteroids, comets and satellites, Luminos also allows you to point your iOS device in any direction and match up your view with the actual sky. You can hop from planet to planet, and even view Earth from the International Space Station or another satellite. For an astronomy buff, it’s definitely worth the $3.99.

Star-Chart app, astronomy, spaceStar-Chart – $2.99 for iOS and Android – If you’re looking for a more affordable astronomy app, or don’t have an iOS device, check out Star-Chart. Like Luminos, Star-Chart allows you to peruse up-to-date star charts and explore a 3D universe. It also lets you configure the app to show you only the objects you want to, view the sky below the horizon and allows you to point your device at the sky to see what the objects in the sky are. Not a bad deal, right?

Unexplained Phenomenons app, astronomy, space, UFOs, FBI, ESPUnexplained Phenomenons – Free for iOS – Enjoy a good mystery or conspiracy theory? Check out Unexplained Phenomenons. Leaf through FBI Declassified Documents detailing the events at Roswell, UFO sightings and the truth about ESP. The lite version can be downloaded for free, but if you’re craving more, you can download the full version for $1.99. And cue the “X-Files” theme…now!

Official NASA app, astronomy, space, space exploration, NASAOfficial NASA App – Free for iOS and Android – We’ve already talked about how NASA’s efforts in the app and social media world are paying off. If you’re curious about learning more, or just want to stay up to date with NASA’s latest news, download the official app and satisfy your inner astronaut.

Angry Birds space app, space, angry birdsAngry Birds Space – $0.99 for iOS and Android – Yes, we admit it. We’re proud members of the Angry Birds bandwagon. And with this latest incarnation of the game, how could we resist? Entertaining and challenging, Angry Birds Space will keep you delightfully occupied, and even help you learn more about space.

Still not satisfied? Check out Star Talk, the podcast by astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson. It’ll educate and entertain you while making the day (or subway ride) go by faster.

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