lonelybrand’s Top 10 Holiday Tech Activities

When the abundance of fruit cakes and Michael Bublé Christmas tracks drive you to the breaking point this weekend, grab your screen of choice and check out our list of Top 10 Holiday Tech Activities for some sweet, internet-based relief.

1. Learn the Art of Googling from Santa

The Google team created a rap (if you can call it that) teaching Santa how to Google in preparation for his trip. Goofy? Yes. But also full of some pretty legit tips for the amateur Googler.


2. Get Crafty…Or At Least Buy Crafty

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be tricky. But never fear – Etsy has come to the rescue with a little help from Facebook. The eCommerce website for crafts and vintage items created a Gift Finder tool that examines your Facebook friends’ activity to find the perfect gift for each and every one of those social connections. Check out the Etsy Gift Finder here.

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3. Where’s Santa?

Track the elusive man in red’s journey with NORAD’s Santa Tracker. Or if you’re craving 3D, follow him using Google Earth.b2b social media, social media b2b, social media agency

4. Social Decor

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to pull a certain family member away from their Twitter feed during the festivities, try distracting them with these handmade social media ornaments.

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5. The Christmas List iPhone App

Last minute shopping tonight or tomorrow? The Christmas List for iPhone lets users keep track of wish lists by snapping photos and assigning them to a specific recipient. To save time, organize your list by store or enlist others to help by sending them lists via email or syncing directly through the app.

6. These Kids Are Naughtier Than Your Kids

You probably saw Jimmy Kimmel’s viral video of parents eating their kids’ Halloween candy. He gives the concept a little Christmas spin when he asks parents to give their kids the most awful gifts imaginable. When little Susie gets a rotten banana for Christmas, frantic hilarity ensues.


7. Celebrate Like a Champ

You know her from the television commercial, so why not follow Target’s ever-so-eccentric holiday  @ChristmasChamp on Twitter?

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8. Pull Some Present Pranks

The sad thing is that I know a few people who would seriously consider buying the product below. But what’s funnier than giving fake presents to your technologically-inclined friends? Not a whole lot, in my opinion.

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9. Send a Call From Santa

With the help of Google you can send a customized voice message from Santa to the lucky recipient of your choice. Your robo-mad-lib message can be as genuine or as ridiculous as you want, with countless options for nicknames and wish-list items.


10. What’s Christmas Without Charlie?

If you’re going to do Christmas, you’re going to need some Charlie Brown. But waiting for the annual TV special is so 1999. Get your fix with this new iPad app.