Turkeys & Techies: A Top 10 List

This Thanksgiving we’re thankful for fun office times, knitted turkeys and cool tech gadgets. We put together a list 10 ways to keep yourself and your family happy this holiday – tech style.

Around the Web

1. Tune in to Thanksgiving Radio on Pandora for an eclectically festive soundtrack. It can get a bit weird at times but hey – so can Thanksgiving dinner.

2. See which dish wins the day, thanks to this Thanksgiving Dinner Infographic from Viralheat.

Mobile Apps

3. Better in front of a computer than in front of a stove? Solve your food prep woes with our collection of iPad recipe apps.

4. For those of us that will be “enjoying” a long family road trip to Thanksgivingland, GasBuddy can take some of the pain away by finding the cheapest gas in your vicinity.

5. And for those who see Thanksgiving as a mere stepping stone to the biggest shopping day of the year, TGIBlack Friday will come in handy when formulating your battle plan.

6. Remember that Whack-a-Mole game at Chuck E. Cheese’s? For your endless entertainment, here’s the mobile turkey version.

7. Check out the #thanksgiving hashtag on Instagram to see the holiday through someone else’s eyes, or to share your tragically hip take on Thanksgiving. Here’s the view of Thanksgiving from lonelybrand:

Instagram Turkey


8. What kind of occasion would it be without Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song?

9. You read the scathing New York Times review of Guy Fieri’s restaurant, right? Well, here’s Saturday Night Live’s response.

10. Disclaimer: the star of this video is a ham, not a turkey. But it’s still priceless to watch Paula Deen take a frozen ham to the face.