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15 Tangle-free Headphone Finds With Mic and More

Are tangled headphone cords are ruining your life? Now that headphones and earbuds double as mics for smartphones and remotes for connected devices, tangles are more of a problem than ever. We set out to solve this incredibly frustrating issue by rounding up, testing, and reviewing the best tangle free headphones, earphones, and […]

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    3 Crowdsourcing Lessons From The Nitrate Film Interest Group

3 Crowdsourcing Lessons From The Nitrate Film Interest Group

Crowdsourcing has proved a successful and effective technique for a number of brand-affiliated projects. Many brands have turned to crowdsourcing to gather user-generated content from fans and customers (like KFC’s #iatethebones contest), but one organization in particular is using the tactic to gather information about forgotten and unknown silent films. […]

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    Toronto Silent Film Festival Rethinks Instagram (And We Love It)

Toronto Silent Film Festival Rethinks Instagram (And We Love It)

Lasting from April 4-9, the Toronto Silent Film Festival annually celebrates something near and dear to my heart — silent film. Although silent film aficionados already know about the festival, the TSFF launched a new imaginative campaign aimed at connecting with a new, younger audience by embracing a social media […]

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Breaking the Fourth Wall with Buster Keaton

Although it took some time for younger generations to rediscover his greatness, Buster Keaton’s place in the silent film firmament has been firmly established and for good reason. We’ve already discussed his ability to use audience feedback to improve his films, and how a new generation discovered him in TV […]

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A Trip to the Music Box Theatre with Georges Méliès

I never dreamed I’d have the opportunity to see these films, all of them around 110 years old, on a theater screen being presented by Méliès’ family. Last Saturday, The Music Box Theatre and Alliance Francais paid tribute to one of the great pioneers of silent film. Recently, Martin Scorsese […]

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Pet Pics From Hurricane Sandy Soothe Your Post-Storm Blues

Instagram feeds may have taken on a more serious tone in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, but even a loss of power couldn’t keep East Coast Instagrammers from keeping their pets out of the grainy, sepia spotlight. These glimpses of Frankenstorm from the furry frontlines come from SandyStatus.org — a […]

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Carla Laemmle: A Living Tie to the World of Silent Film

Lately, we’ve highlighted successful and interesting crowdfunded projects, and given advice for raising votes and pledges for your own crowdfunded projects. We’ve also enjoyed looking back on the world of silent film, but we never expected that those two worlds would intersect. If you’ve been a long-time reader of the […]

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    Streaming, Social & SoundCloud: The Digital Music Industry in 2012

Streaming, Social & SoundCloud: The Digital Music Industry in 2012

Music industry analytics company Musicmetric recently released the Digital Music Index, a study examining the trends and preferences of music fans around the world. Gregory Mead, global CEO of Musicmetric explains the purpose of the study: “America has millions of passionate music fans – and while we don’t condone any kind […]

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Spooky Silents: Part Two

Last week, we took a look at four classic scary silent movies to get you in the Halloween spirit. If you’re already eager for more, here are four more sure to frighten, shock or spook you, even without spoken dialogue! London After Midnight (1927) If you’re new to the world […]

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Red and Blue Breakout Brands

Every four years, the U.S. finds itself divided and categorized into red and blue states. Although the presidential election tends to highlight the country’s political and idealistic differences, the differences apparently run deeper than that. In fact, according to recent research by rbb Public Relations, Obama and Romney supporters are […]

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