Red and Blue Breakout Brands

Every four years, the U.S. finds itself divided and categorized into red and blue states. Although the presidential election tends to highlight the country’s political and idealistic differences, the differences apparently run deeper than that. In fact, according to recent research by rbb Public Relations, Obama and Romney supporters are even divided on the breakout brands they support.

Do you support Barack Obama? According to to rbb’s research, you’re more likely to support or identify with brands like Google, Starbucks and Whole Foods. When it comes to vehicles, you’re more likely to purchase a Volkswagen, and when it comes to shopping, you’re most likely to browse the racks at Nordstrom.

Are you a Mitt Romney supporter instead? rbb’s research suggests that you’re more likely to identify with McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Amazon.com. In addition, the research says you tend prefer Toyota vehicles and you’d rather shop at Walmart.

Of course, some brands have bipartisan appeal and are supported or prefered equally in both parties. These bipartisan breakouts include Target, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft.

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