Google Takes a Closer Look at Summer Searches

Summer is coming to an end and with it, so are the Google searches for summer hot spots, family vacation ideas and everything that goes with them. Ever wonder what preoccupies Googlers around the world during the summer months? Google found out, with a little help from its Maps feature, and the results might interest you.

American Googlers spent their time searching for summer-related activities, including paintball, camping and golf courses. With the summer being the season of blockbusters, Googlers also found themselves searching for movie theaters. American landmarks also found their way on the frequently searched list. Although eastern attractions like Myrtle Beach and Niagara Falls found their way onto the list, they were outsearched by western parks and attractions, like Death Valley National Park, Redwood National Park and Yosemite National Park.

Google found that our neighbors to the north shared a number of searches (parks, attractions, camping, motels & hotels), but there were a few surprises as well. Ranking high on the list of top searches for Canadians was “moving” and at “outlet mall.” And although Niagara Falls ranked rather low on the list of landmark searches for U.S. searchers, it topped the list for Canadians.

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