5 Apps for Coffee Lovers

We love coffee almost as much as we love iPhones. Or maybe vice versa. Anyway, here are five apps that bring the two together in sweet, sweet iPhone-coffee harmony.

For the home brewer: Intellgentsia

Hometown favorite Intelligentsia has a handy app for home brewing hints. In the brewing guide, find illustrations and detailed descriptions for a number of fancy processes, from pourover to to french press to siphon brewer. The app also a brew timer for each brewing process. Intelligentsia App

For the caffeine addict: Caffeine Zone

This app was created to “help you learn to use caffeine products more wisely.” Next time you’re considering a 3pm cup of coffee, take a look at how the boost will effect your alertness immediately, and more importantly, at bed time.

Caffeine Zone App

For the indie coffee drinker: Coffee Trip

If corporate coffee isn’t your thing, Coffee Trip is useful for finding independently-owned shops nearby. Search according to current location, zip code, cafe name or roaster name, and the app will produce a list of relevant results. Listings are built to include address, phone, WiFi availability, hours and type of food served, but as of this writing, they’re pretty bare bones as far as information goes, limited mostly to address and phone number. Any cafe owner can update the information about their business by building an account on www.coffeetrip.com.

Coffee Trip App

For the coffee connoisseur: Coffee Cellar

If you have trouble keeping track of the blends you’ve tasted, Coffee Cellar is a worthwhile investment. Plug in any coffees you try along with tasting notes and even a picture, and the app will store all of the information for you on an interactive shelf.

Coffee Cellar App

For the Starbucks Lover: Starbucks

Starbucks has long been considered a pioneer in the mobile payments game, so the coffee giant’s app of course includes the popular touch-to-pay function. Users can also locate the nearest Starbucks and track rewards right from their phone – no need to mess with the old punchcard system.

Starbucks App

Have any favorite coffee apps to add to our list? Share them below. And for on-the-go restaurant recommendations, check out our favorite restaurant finder apps.