Find Your Next Meal with Food Trucks Near Me

Having trouble locating your favorite food trucks with all the city ordinance drama going on these days?

We at lonelybrand enjoy our food truck runs quite a bit. We used to visit one almost weekly, but recently our adventures have had to come to a pretty abrupt halt. Over the past few months, trucks have had to change their routes and common stops due to laws regulating where they can and can’t be, so many of us who used to frequently head out for a quick empanada, cupcake, or bratwurst have been left wondering where our favorite mobile lunch providers have gone off to. But a new service out of St. Louis seeks to change all that.

food trucksFood Trucks Near Me was founded with the goal of allowing mobile food fans to find their favorite trucks without hassle and has already spread from St. Louis to other cities including Chicago. Originally, a common tactic to locate food trucks was to find the truck of choice on Twitter and look through its tweets to see where they’d be heading that day. Truck isn’t located close enough to you? Time to repeat the process all over again with a different truck. Food Trucks Near Me streamlines this process by consolidating the Twitter accounts of all known food trucks so that users can easily skim through multiple Twitter accounts at once to find the locations and schedules of food trucks in their area without having to visit each individual service’s social feed.

The site is monetized by allowing trucks to “promote” their feeds at the top of the page and is currently experimenting with ads.

Feel like eating an empanada or dining on some donuts? Check out Food Trucks Near Me to see where you can pick up some lunch today, and if you fancy a brew with your meal, we’ve got some app recommendations for that as well.