Pet Pics From Hurricane Sandy Soothe Your Post-Storm Blues

Instagram feeds may have taken on a more serious tone in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, but even a loss of power couldn’t keep East Coast Instagrammers from keeping their pets out of the grainy, sepia spotlight. These glimpses of Frankenstorm from the furry frontlines come from SandyStatus.org — a site that is crowdsourcing Sandy-related photos, tweets, blog posts and news updates into one place.

As Sandy hit Virginia, Instagram user singforchoices was happy that she was only without power for an hour and a half, but that didn’t stop her cat Marcel from hogging her emergency tap lights. Meanwhile across the state, ctdcmannow snapped a shot of Marley the cat surveyed the storm damage, and brave Frenchie the pig ventured out after the storm under michaelsczuka‘s watchful eye.

hurricane sandy pets

Some pets took the storm in stride. Ashleycarmenb‘s kitty Biddy was content to try to play with leaves through the window, and popschick’s pup slept through the whole thing!

hurricane sandy pets

But some furry friends had to deal with the storm head on. Annhandley caught Simon the dog’s heartbreaking face after he was caught in Frankenstorm, roxydigital’s pooch hid under a desk for protection, and leeashley_x‘s kitty burrowed under a sweater for small dogs for warmth.

hurricane sandy pets

Check out more photos from the heart of Hurricane Sandy at SandyStatus.org.