Top Picks for Social Media Week Chicago 2012

Social Media Week Chicago 2012

With over 70 awesome events planned from September 24-28, we can hardly wait for the excitement that is Social Media Week Chicago. In fact, there is so much great content in the works this year that it would be physically impossible to make every session. That’s why we put together this list of the must-see events – to help you sift through the full schedule and attend at least one killer session each day of Social Media Week Chicago.

Pinning and Winning: Activating Social Contests

Monday, September 24 | 3:30-5pm
Tribune Tower – Huron Room

Running a social media contest seems like a fun and easy way to drive online engagement – emphasis on the verbiage seems. Once you decide to run a contest, you have to develop a concept and build momentum all while staying within platform regulations. Not so easy anymore, huh?

Led by pros from Edelman, Curalate, Cmply and Manatt, Phelps & Philliips LLP, this panel will cover challenges and best practices for running contests on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The Importance of Targeted Audience for B2B Social Media

Tuesday, September 25 |  8-10am
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce – 200 E. Randolph Suite 2000

B2B marketers have the challenging task of creating a memorable online experiences for what some may consider “unsexy” products. While perhaps not as obvious as the opportunities for our business-to-consumer comrades, the digital landscape provides ample opportunity for business-to-business brands.

This panel will address best practices for B2B marketers on popular platforms LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. Speaking on this topic are pros from CCC Information Services, Squareplanet Presentations, Kapow Events, Microsoft and Lightspan Digital.

Emerson Spartz: Creating Viral Websites

Wednesday, September 26 | 8-9:30am
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce – 200 E. Randolph Suite 2000

Unfortunately there is no magical formula for creating viral websites, but if anyone can give out tips on the subject, it’s Spartz Media CEO Emerson Spartz. He created the #1 Harry Potter website MuggleNet when he was 12 years old (no big deal, right?) and has since launched over 20 high-traffic websites.

This panel will include insights on why people do (or don’t) share content, how to measure virality, and finally a few tips and tricks for generating more viral traffic to your site.

Social Video on Any Budget

Thursday, Sept 27: 9-10am
Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy – Matrix – 28 N. Clark Street

In this visual era, the appeal of video content is undeniable. Led by video experts from Tribeca Flashpoint, 37Signals, Leo Burnett and McGarryBowen, this panel will cover the basics of “sharable” content and getting your videos in front of the right audience. For any video novices out there, panelists will also cover a number of free or affordable tools available for high-quality video production.

Research Proves Social Media Engagement’s Link to Purchase Behavior

Friday, Sept. 28: 2:30-3pm
McCormick Trubine Center – 1870 Campus Drive, Evanston

Most conversations about social media and brands come down to the question, “yeah, but will it drive sales?” This session will use hard data from a recent case study to prove that social media contests can, in fact, drive revenue. With that data in mind, Northwestern Professor and Research Director Ed Malthouse will provide basic strategies for building engagement programs that boost your bottom line.


Find the full Social Media Week Chicago 2012 schedule here, but don’t dawdle – a number of sessions are already filled.