Introducing Twitter Custom Timelines

twitter custom timeline

If you’ve abandoned TweetDeck in favor of other third-party Twitter clients, you might find yourself running back to it. Why? Twitter custom timelines.

Via TweetDeck, Twitter has given users the ability to create their own customized, themed timelines. Users only need to log in (or join) TweetDeck, create a new timeline and then begin adding tweets to it. As has been pointed out, this feature is different from the typical Twitter list because instead of including all tweets from a given user, it only includes tweets that users specifically choose.

twitter custom timelines

Users also have the ability to share their timelines via tweet, link and embed code.

Although this is an interesting roll out, you might be wondering how, if at all, it could benefit your brand. We’ve done some brainstorming and come up with a list of ways any brand could could use it to its own advantage.

Live-tweeted events

Are some of your team member or employees attending a convention or event? Have them live tweet their experiences and then add the best or most relevant tweets to a Twitter custom timeline. It’ll house all of the relevant posts in one place without including irrelevant future posts from those same employees.

Twitter contest entries

Creating a custom timeline gives you the perfect place to organize and house your all of your brand’s Twitter contest entries. Sure, you can do this with a hashtag, but being able to manually select which tweets are included allows you to weed out inappropriate entries andĀ irrelevant posts.

Immortalize Twitter chats

We’ve spoken at length about Twitter chats in the past and how they can be a great opportunity for your brand. Now, with Twitter custom timelines, you can easily organize and save them. You might even choose to embed them in a certain section of your site for later reference.

Need more reasons to go back to TweetDeck? We’ve got four TweetDeck tips for brand marketers.