Best Landing Page Designs: bre.ad

Whether it’s on purpose or a happy accident, when a consumer lands on your page, you’ve got a limited amount of time to reel them in. A well-structured landing page is key in getting users to take that next step – whether that means signing up for your email list, “liking” your Facebook page or proceeding to your main website. Each week, lonelybrand highlights a killer landing page design that gets the job done. 

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You already know that bre.ad rules. But we’d like to make a toast to bre.ad’s landing page, and here’s why it made our list of Best Landing Page Designs:

  • A nice, crisp image of a MacBook Pro is just pleasant to look at. So pleasant, in fact, that we can see ourselves typing away in front of that very screen.
  • Everything important is before the fold. There’s more good stuff below, but you can see everything you really need without scrolling.
  • bre.ad’s landing page is a personalized invite to you, the potential user, dropping lines like “your toast” and inviting you to “join the community.”

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