Study Shows B2B Content Marketing Processes Need Tweaking

Last week we covered a study on B2B content marketing in 2012, with details on strategy goals, tactics and challenges. Data revealed that while most marketers are on board with content as a strategy, struggles abound, from lack of resources to the inability to produce enough quality content. But a new study from Corporate Visions reveals internal issues having to do with process and collaboration.

The study (a survey of 730 B2B sales and marketing professionals) shows that just 1 in 3 marketers believe their company’s content creation process is truly collaborative. Another 33% say message creation is semi-collaborative, while a final third sees the process as “non-collaborative, politically charged, or [not a] process at all.”

Content Collaboration

Looking at how teams actually execute content production, it appears that most of the work is done by marketing and sales management. Meanwhile, field sales reps – the team members with the most customer contact – are actually least likely to participate in content production.

Content Collaboration

Corporate Visions also looked at the content generation process. B2B marketers were asked how often their company uses a “repeatable, consistent methodology for creating content, messages and tools.” 61% said this happens somewhere between “sometimes and never,” while just 3% said their company always uses a repeatable content marketing process.

Repeatable Content

More and more B2B brands are using content marketing for lead generation, but the disparate nature of the production process is limiting. Do you think company-wide collaboration can improve the quality of B2B content? Share your thoughts with us below.