Web Development Tops Marketers’ List of Digital Tactics

Despite recent progress from the mobile and social corners of the ring, web development continues to dominate among digital marketing tactics.

It’s always interesting to see how brands manage the balancing act that is digital marketing, which is why we were amped to find this study (by way of eMarketer) that looks at which tactics marketers use most.

According to a study by RSW/US, marketers have amped up their digital activities across the board, with the exception of blogging. The most popular digital marketing tactic by far is web development, followed by online advertising, social media, video and mobile.

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This isn’t the first 2012 study showing a sudden drop in brand blogging habits. Whether it’s lack of time and message or the increasing draw to social platforms, some brands are jumping ship when it comes to blogging.

Instead, senior-level marketers seem to be dedicating time and budget to developing the digital hub: their website. Up-and-comers online advertising and social media play supporting roles to drive traffic to these web properties.

Do you think web development will continue to dominate digital marketing in the near future, or will it be overtaken by its social and mobile counterparts?