This Week, Best Buy’s Geek Squad Agents Report Large-Scale Job Cuts

This Week, Best Buy's Geek Squad Agents Report Large-Scale Job Cuts## Sweeping Job Cuts Impact Best Buy’s Geek Squad Agents

Reports indicate a large-scale job reduction has occurred among Best Buy’s Geek Squad agents. Details of this event are being extensively circulated by ex-employees on Reddit, involving discussions of their “going sleeper” experiences alongside badge snapshots. The job cuts have predominantly affected veteran employees who have dedicated 10 to 20 years of service to the company.

Layoff Notification

The layoffs were made known to the employees through personal phone calls, which followed an email directive for them to operate remotely. Many were taken aback by the announcement, with their informal Geek Squad Reddit community buzzing with messages of solidarity for those affected. Many conveyed their dismay and worry, especially those whose working hours have been cut down in recent months, resulting in the situation becoming more challenging.

Past Job Cuts and Future Projections

Large-scale job cuts have been carried out previously by Best Buy. Specifically, the company let go of a considerable number of retail store employees during the spring of the previous year. In a recent February earnings update, Best Buy’s CEO, Corie Barry, hinted at continuing the trend of layoffs into 2024 in line with the company’s plan to allocate resources towards AI and other sectors.


The recent job reduction experience by Best Buy’s Geek Squad has left numerous employees shocked and uncertain. With last year’s layoffs and more upcoming in 2024, the company appears to be entering a significant phase of transition. As Best Buy pivots its focus towards AI and other sectors, it still remains uncertain how these changes will affect the company’s remaining workforce and business approach.


Q: How were the layoffs communicated?
A: The termination was first shared with employees through an email directive to work from home, which was followed by personal phone calls to relay the layoffs.

Q: Who were predominantly affected by the layoffs?
A: These layoffs mostly impacted long-standing Geek Squad agents, some of whom have served the company for over 10 or even 20 years.

Q: Has Best Buy conducted layoffs prior to this time?
A: Yes, Best Buy implemented large-scale job cuts at its retail outlets in the spring of the preceding year.

Q: What is the reason behind these layoffs?
A: Best Buy’s CEO, Corie Barry, suggested that the company’s efforts to channel resources towards AI and other sectors could be the main motivation behind these layoffs.

Q: Is there an expectation of more layoffs in the future?
A: The company’s CEO hinted at future layoffs expected in 2024 during a recent February earnings update.