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X is altering the operation of the block button.## Audible Tests More Affordable Subscription Plan in Australia

Seemingly in reaction to Spotify’s recent venture into the audiobook scene, Audible is currently trialing a less expensive subscription level in Australia. This new level, named the Standard plan, gives subscribers one free title every month. However, unlike other subscription plans, any credits that aren’t used in this plan do not carry over to the following month.

Spotify’s Move into Audiobooks

Spotify, a key competitor in the music streaming industry, has lately broadened its scope to encompass audiobooks. This is viewed as taking on Audible directly, which has maintained control over the audiobook market for a considerable period. Responding to this new rivalry, Audible has begun piloting its new, cheaper subscription plan.

The Fresh Standard Plan

Audible’s new Standard plan offers subscribers a free title each month. This differs from their older subscription policies where unused credits would be forwarded to the next month. With the Standard plan, any credit that isn’t used within the month is forfeited.

This innovative model could potentially draw new subscribers who desire a less expensive avenue to enjoy audiobooks. Nonetheless, it might deter some users who favor the convenience of carrying over their unused credits.

Final Thoughts

The audiobook industry is growing more competitive with leading companies like Spotify entering the mix. Audible’s choice to trial a cheaper subscription plan in Australia is a direct reaction to this intensified competition. It remains uncertain whether this model will prove effective in drawing and keeping subscribers.

Q&A Segment

1. What is the fresh subscription plan that Audible is trialing?

Audible is testing a new subscription plan known as the Standard plan. This plan offers subscribers one free title every month, but any credits that aren’t used do not carry forward to the next month.

2. Why is Audible introducing this fresh plan?

This initiative appears to be a reaction to Spotify’s recent foray into the audiobook scene. By offering a cheaper subscription plan, Audible might be trying to acquire new subscribers and maintain its present listeners.

3. Where is Audible testing this fresh subscription plan?

Audible is at present testing the new Standard plan in Australia.

4. How does the new Standard plan deviate from Audible’s older subscription plans?

Unlike older subscription plans, the Standard plan does not permit credits to be carried over to the next month. If a subscriber fails to use their credit within the month, it is forfeited.

5. Will this fresh plan be introduced globally?

As it stands, Audible is only testing this fresh plan in Australia. It remains to be seen whether they will extend this model to other markets in the future.