The Cheyenne Supercomputer is currently up for bidding at a decreased cost.

The Cheyenne Supercomputer is currently up for bidding at a decreased cost.## Cheyenne Supercomputer: A Technical Giant Available at Auction

If you’ve been considering investing in a supercomputer, the time might be ripe to make your move. Currently, the U.S. government is auctioning off the Cheyenne Supercomputer via GSA Auctions to the individual who makes the highest bid. With only three days remaining, this presents an opportunity to own a top-tier supercomputer at a substantially discounted cost.

Quick Insight into the Cheyenne Supercomputer

The Cheyenne Supercomputer is a behemoth of a device, flaunting 145,152 CPU cores that outdo even the most sophisticated laptops currently available. It packs an impressive 313,344GB of RAM and offers around 36 petabytes of storage, eliminating any worries about low memory or insufficient storage space.

Do note that the sale-exclusive package does not include fiber optic and CAT5/6 cabling. Besides, transportation costs aren’t covered, and you will need expert movers to relocate the system.

The Auction Specifics

As per a report by Ars Technica, the bidding price for the Cheyenne Supercomputer has reached $28,085 at the time of this report, even though the reserve price has not yet been reached. There are still three days left for making a bid, and no upfront deposit is required to participate.

The considerable discount could be attributed to minor glitches in the system. Certain quick disconnects could be defective, leading to water spray, and around one percent of nodes failed and will not be fixed.

What Makes Cheyenne Powerful and Efficient

Notwithstanding these minor flaws, the Cheyenne Supercomputer is undeniably potent. It can perform 5.34 quadrillion calculations per second and, impressively, uses 25% less energy per computation than Yellowstone, its predecessor.

The Cheyenne Supercomputer has played a pivotal role in aiding researchers to understand the sudden strengthening of hurricanes, wildfire impacts on air quality, and running climate function simulations to predict decades-long future outcomes. It is a multitasking prodigy, exceedingly competent not only at handling heavy-duty work tasks but also at running high-demand games post work hours.


The Cheyenne Supercomputer auction presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to own a milestone in technological innovation. Despite minor setbacks, this machine is outstandingly powerful and versatile. If a supercomputer is on your wishlist, this could be your golden chance to own one at a highly discounted price.

Questions and Answers

Q1: What exactly is the Cheyenne Supercomputer?

A1: The Cheyenne Supercomputer is a highly efficient machine with 145,152 CPU cores and 313,344GB of RAM. It has been employed for diverse research applications, including investigating hurricanes and wildfires.

Q2: Why is the Cheyenne Supercomputer on auction?

A2: The Cheyenne Supercomputer has been put out of service and is currently being auctioned off by the U.S. government via GSA Auctions.

Q3: Does the Cheyenne Supercomputer have any defects?

A3: Some quick disconnects in the Cheyenne Supercomputer might be malfunctioning, leading to water spray occurrences. Also, approximately one percent of nodes have failed and won’t be repaired.

Q4: What is the price of the Cheyenne Supercomputer?

A4: The present bidding price for the Cheyenne Supercomputer stands at $28,085, although the reserve price has not yet been achieved. The original cost of the supercomputer hasn’t been divulged but is speculated to be in the millions.

Q5: What are the transportation provisions for the Cheyenne Supercomputer?

A5: The auction price does not cover shipping expenses. The buyer will have to contract a certified moving company to transport the system.