Take-Two is set to shut down the studios responsible for Rollerdrome and Kerbal Space Program 2.

Take-Two is set to shut down the studios responsible for Rollerdrome and Kerbal Space Program 2.## Roll7 and Intercept Games Studios to be Discontinued by Take-Two Interactive

Unexpectedly, major publisher Take-Two Interactive announced the closure of Roll7 and Intercept Games, the studios behind Rollerdrome and Kerbal Space Program 2 respectively. This information was revealed through documents acquired by Bloomberg.

Roll7 Overview

Tom Hegarty and Simon Bennett, long-standing friends, founded Roll7 in London in 2008. The studio is famous for creating wheel-based games like OlliOlli, OlliOlli World, and Rollerdrome. OlliOlli, launched in 2014, hit the Vita charts and its sequel, World, which came out in 2022, also received positive reviews. The latter is a skateboarding platformer with an appealing artistic style that induces a flow state. Rollerdrome, a third-person game combining roller-skating and gunplay with a dystopian 70s sci-fi vibe, was one of the standouts of 2022.

Throughout the years, Roll7 has gathered several prestigious awards, including recent wins at BAFTA and DICE. In November 2021, Take-Two bought Roll7, turning it into a branch of Private Division, their label for small to mid-size publishing agreements. Nevertheless, according to Bloomberg, Take-Two now intends to shut down Roll7 and will offer termination payouts to the staff.

Intercept Games Overview

Intercept Games, situated in Seattle, is recognized for developing Kerbal Space Program 2, a well-liked flight-simulation title that’s currently in early access on Steam. Take-Two created Intercept in 2020 purposefully to handle Kerbal Space Program 2, which has constantly received updates since its 2023 release.

Although Take-Two hasn’t confirmed their intent to discontinue Intercept Games, they also haven’t refuted it. They filed a notice in Washington detailing plans to lay off 70 employees and permanently close their operations. Some Kerbal developers have confirmed their recent exit. Take-Two announced that Private Division would continue to update Kerbal Space Program 2.

Recent Moves by Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two is among the largest gaming firms, with a revenue of $5.3 billion last year. They own esteemed games like Grand Theft Auto and parent companies like Rockstar Games, 2K, Private Division, Zynga, and Gearbox Software. In March, Take-Two bought Borderlands’ studio Gearbox for $460 million. Grand Theft Auto VI, eagerly anticipated by fans, is projected to significantly increase Take-Two’s revenue in 2025.

In April, they revealed plans to lay off 5% of their workforce, roughly 600 people, by 2024. Several ongoing projects were also canceled. Private Division also suffered layoffs in 2023.


The termination of Roll7 and Intercept Games mirrors a larger trend in the video gaming industry. It’s estimated that around 9,400 people have lost jobs in the industry in 2024 so far, and 10,500 workers were laid off in 2023. Major players like Sony, Microsoft, and Riot Games have collectively eliminated 3,300 positions this year. The aftermath of Embracer Group’s funding collapse continues, with many studios closing and over 1,400 workers left without jobs.


Q: Who has ownership of Roll7 and Intercept Games?
A: Both studios are owned by major publisher Take-Two Interactive.

Q: Which popular games are affiliated with Roll7 and Intercept Games?
A: Roll7 is responsible for games such as OlliOlli, OlliOlli World, and Rollerdrome, while Kerbal Space Program 2 is an Intercept Games’ creation.

Q: What’s the motive behind Take-Two Interactive discontinuing these studios?
A: Specific reasons have not been disclosed but it aligns with the broader trend of job cuts and studio shutdowns in the gaming industry.

Q: What is the number of layoffs anticipated due to these closures?
A: Exact numbers are not given, but Take-Two Interactive plans to lay off 70 employees in Washington, where Intercept Games is located.

Q: What happens to the games in development by these studios?
A: Take-Two Interactive has stated that Private Division will continue to offer updates for Kerbal Space Program 2. The future of other games remains uncertain.