Twitter (Finally) Introduces Ad Module to Boost App Installs & Engagement

twitter ad banner

Well, it took them a year and a half, but the folks at Twitter have finally lifted one of Facebook’s most useful ad modules. Now, brands have the opportunity to push app installs and engagement via Twitter ads.

twitter app

Much like their cousin module Promoted Tweets, app install campaigns appear in a user’s feed among tweets from the accounts they actually follow. A promotional image is included in the tweet, as is the app’s rating. With just a tap, users can be redirected to install the app, or they can favorite or retweet it — just as they would a normal tweet. Naturally, the ad is only served to users in the mobile feeds. Targeting remains the same, but campaigns can be optimized according to app installs or app engagements. Also, an advertiser only pays when a user taps the install button and is redirected to the App Store or to Google Play.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.04.55 AM

To get started, simply log into Ads and select the Twitter app install or engagement campaign.

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