Boost Brand App Downloads with Facebook Mobile Install Ads

Mobile application strategy begins with development and deployment, but that’s certainly not the end of the game. No matter how snazzy or useful your app is, if no one hits download it’s not doing anything to accomplish brand goals. But brands and developers alike often underestimate the effort that goes into getting users to actually install their app. Beyond reviews, two of the most popular means for promoting mobile apps are social and paid media. Back in October, Facebook officially released Mobile App Install Ads, a mechanism that brings the social and paid media worlds together with the specific goal of driving app downloads.

What are Facebook Mobile Install Ads?

Mobile Install Ads appear within the News Feed for users on mobile devices and include custom image and text, as well as the Install Now call to action. When iOS users click the Install Now link, they are taken directly to the App Store to download .

Facebook Install Ads

Facebook Mobile Install Ads are housed within the App Dashboard. To get started you’ll need to register your app with Facebook, and from there, the customization process is much like that for standard Facebook ads. Once launched be sure to head back to the dashboard on a regular basis to monitor and optimize ad performance.

How can brands use Facebook Mobile Install Ads?

Facebook Install Ads for Brands

From household names like the Marriott to smaller app-based businesses like ZocDoc, brands of all shapes and sizes are using Facebook Install Ads to boost their application user base. And because of the direct call to action, many of these brands are reporting favorable results – or at least an improvement over standard Facebook ads.

A recent case study from Nanigans reports that over the course of a 10-day holiday Mobile Install Ad campaign, one of their e-commerce application clients gained 24,3000 new installs, with average install rates coming in at 10.11%. On several days, they gained more than 4,500 installs per day thanks to Mobile Install Ads.

Have you used Facebook Install Ads to boost app downloads? What was your experience like?