JetBlue Offers Voters Peace of Mind with Election Protection

We’ve seen a lot of clever apps that have embraced the spirit of final weeks before the presidential election, but with their ‘Live Free or Fly’ campaign, JetBlue may have created the campaign to beat.

News and polls about the upcoming election have been difficult to escape and the debate has been heated on both sides. JetBlue is using this energy to offer “election protection” to some lucky fliers with the chance to get out of the country if their candidate doesn’t win.

JetBlue Election Protection

The ‘Live Free or Fly’ contest requires winners to choose their party affiliation and then gives them a list of beautiful and/or tropical destinations to choose from, including Barbados, Costa Rica and Jamaica.

JetBlue Election Protection

The landing page for the contest lists real-time party affiliation poll results, along with the poll results for each of the dream destinations. Added bonuses include free themed downloads and wallpapers, an election countdown clock and the ability to share the contest through all of users’ favorite social outlets.

The campaign is brilliant for a few reasons. First, it’s capitalizing on an event that affects the entire country — giving them the largest contestant base possible. Second, JetBlue isn’t letting its name get lost in the competition itself. The branding is clear, from the landing page to the free downloads to the associated Twitter hashtag inviting users to discuss their poll choices. Last, JetBlue lets contestants know that it doesn’t fly to these dream destinations. Subtly listed on the bottom of the landing page map, is a link saying, “See where else we fly.” This gives contestants the chance to explore the brand more in hopes that they might return to them in the future, even if it’s not for election protection.

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