For Badgeholders Only: Push Your Conference On Pinterest

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Organizing and pushing a conference can be a big job — particularly if your brand is only a small part of a much larger expo. It can be easy to get attendees to visit the larger expo, but it can be difficult to plan their visit around your brand’s individual events and booth exhibits. Don’t have the time or means to put together an event-focused microsite? Pinterest could be the answer to your problems. Here’s how to promote and organize your conference on Pinterest.


Date It & Locate It


Last year, we found a great tool that has helped to give Pinterest a wider range of versatility — Pinstamatic. Now, it’s back in our spotlight as a tool that can help give your conference board a more informed appearance. Use the calendar and location pin functions to highlight the conference dates and address. This will give users and potential attendees the essential info at just a glance. Plus, the location feature will give users the ability to go right to Google Maps and help them determine their travel plans.

Accommodations Info

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Recommended or preferred accommodations? Pin their site directly to the board. Detail any secret codes, special rates or recommendations to help give  attendees the inside scoop, and give them the ability to make their reservations directly in the board.

Event Listing

If you have a microsite, a larger event site, or even just a blog post detailing your brand’s complete lecture and booth listing, pin it directly to your board and detail what it is in the board description. If that particular site doesn’t have an attractive image, then upload one. Remember — Pinterest is highly visual. If the pins don’t look good coming directly from a given page or site, then upload the image separately and go back in to link it to the page.

Highlight Guest Speakers


Are there special guest speakers that will be speaking on behalf of your brand? Promote them! Create pins (either using event page info or the speaker’s own site) to highlight them and their area of expertise. Anyone who might be searching for them on Pinterest will then come across your pins and might be intrigued enough to attend the conference. If the speaker is on Pinterest, be sure to tag them in the board itself!

Invite Collaborators

Invite collaborators to add to your event board. VIPs, guest speakers and even brand ambassadors could enjoy and benefit from adding to the board. Have them add any tips they have for attending the conference or landing accommodations, and be sure to encourage them to post photos from the event!

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