Create a B2B Pinterest Strategy with These 4 Tips

b2b pinterest strategy

Pinterest is a no-brainer for B2C companies like fashion and retail brands, but it might not seem like a great opportunity for B2B brands. Although Pinterest brings up images of wedding gowns, recipes and fashion tips, B2B brands can actually use it to promote their digital presence and their content. We’ve got four great tactics to help you build a B2B Pinterest strategy. Check them out below.

Pin presentations via Slideshare.

b2b pinterest strategy - slideshare

Show off your knowledge, expertise and ability to teach by pinning your Slideshare decks. Once it’s uploaded to Slideshare, the process of pinning is really easy — just click the Pin button and you’re good to go. It’ll help broaden your audience and get your content in front of more eyes. Make sure to pick great keywords and hashtags for your description, too, to ensure it gets the most attention possible.

Pin dates for important events.

b2b pinterest strategy - date

Got a webinar coming up? An expo? An open house? Make sure that followers new and old know by pinning the date. Using a tool like Pinstamatic, you can specify a date and then link the attractive calendar icon to an events page for more information.

Pin locations.

b2b pinterest strategy - place

Want to bring attention to your brand’s physical location? Or an upcoming in-person event? Pin the location using a tool like Pinstamatic. It gives you the space to enter in your address, business name, and extra description that all gets nicely pinned to a map icon that links back to Google Maps. It’s easy, attractive, and it communicates your location in a new way.

Pin Twitter account.

b2b pinterest strategy - twitter

Increase your Twitter following by pinning your account. With Pinstamatic you can pin your brand’s Twitter page and display your most recent tweet as a sample of your brand’s messaging and work. Followers can then be redirected right to your profile.

Learn more about one of our favorite Pinterest tools, Pinstamatic, and find two other tools that can help you manage your Pinterest presence.