Get Recommendations Based on Yelpy Insights

Yelp has become the go-to source for users searching for good eats, great retailers and the hottest clubs in their neighborhood. Recently, the site added an expanded version of its Yelpy Insights feature and is inviting users to help them improve and expand it even further.

The Insights feature offers additional information about patrons’ reactions to the business. For example, by searching restaurants or clubs, users can narrow down their search or find recommendations based on categories like “Liked by vegetarians” or “Liked by 20-somethings.”

Yelpy insights screenshot, yelp reviews, yelp

Or, if users search a specific restaurant or club, just by scrolling down through the profile they can discover what, if any, group goes crazy for the business.

Yelpy Insight screenshots, yelp reviews, yelp
The recent backlash over Facebook’s purchase of Instagram has demonstrated that user privacy and security is still very much an issue for Internet users, prompting Yelp to state upfront that users’ private information is not shared.

Right now, the categories are rather limited. The Insights basically cover vegetarians, and various age groups. But Yelp engineers want users to know that they plan to expand them further and are asking for suggestions, ensuring that the users are heard.

Yelp certainly welcomes user feedback, but recently retailers have been taken to task for not acknowledging customer concerns on Facebook. Check out the full story here.