Will You Buy a New iPad? Facebook Poll Says No

ipad, facebookBack in March when Apple debuted the new iPad, we put together an article packed with iPad and other tablet stats and paired it with a related Facebook question to gather first impressions of Apple’s latest product release.

ipad, facebook


Our iPad poll netted over 800 votes. Timeliness of the next gen iPad question immediately after Apple’s product announcement and aggressive targeted paid promotion on Facebook gave us valuable insight.

Let’s take a look at our audience’s first impressions of the new iPad:

77%  do not plan on buying the new iPad

11% will wait to get a closer look at the new features

15% plan on buying the latest version of the iPad

ipad, facebook

Since we checked that “Allow anyone to add options” button we fielded a few gems, most notably:

  • “After i eat this piece of pie” (we prefer cake)
  • “Screw the iPad it’s all about the N64”
  • “Have to buy a few gallons of gas instead”

. . . and my personal favorite, “the iPod I have is doing just fine for me.” iPad, iPod – same difference, right? Want to weigh in on the poll? Click here to vote and see current results.