iPad: Reigning Tablet Heavyweight Champion of the Universe

Heard any Apple news lately?


Yeah, neither did we.

Killin’ it in tablet land

We don’t exactly need charts and graphs to tell us that the world is crazy for iPads, but the numbers are pretty fascinating nonetheless.


According to a study by iSuppli, 40.5 million iPads were shipped in 2011 – that’s 62% of the tablet market. Apple’s closest competitor in the tablet market is Samsung, but they are significantly far behind with just 9% of the market share.


eMarketer predicts that in 2012, 17.5% of all US internet users will use an iPad at least once per month. That number is predicted to jump to 22% in 2013.

More domination to come?

We’re running a quick poll about purchase intent for the new iPad over on our Facebook page. So far, 5% of our audience plans on buying the new iPad, while 65% said they’ll hold off on buying this version. 28% said they’ll wait to get a closer look at the new features. Swing on by and add your two cents to our iPad poll.


Google Insights for Search tells us the interest level in iPad hasn’t spiked since juicy rumors started dripping into the mainstream media in late 2011.

Meanwhile, Apple continues to buzz in the Twittersphere, with plenty of quips about the new moniker for the iPad 3  new iPad  iPad. My personal favorite bit of commentary comes from Farhad Manoo, who writes for Slate, FastCompany and NYT.


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