What Would it Cost to Print the Internet?

A few months ago, we humble-bragged about our efforts to become a nearly paperless office. Because we focus our efforts in the digital and social space, it wasn’t a shock to learn that we only used two bricks of paper in 2011. So when we came across this study by Cartridge World that answered the question “How much would it cost to print the Internet?,” we sat up and paid attention.

According to the study, there are 9.1 billion indexed pages on the Web. If you dedicated one page of A4 (letter sized) paper to each page, that would give you 9.1 billion pages — the equivalent of 7,428,571 copies of the first edition of “War and Peace.” To print all of those pages in black and white, it would take 16,021,127 cartridges and cost approximately $630,861,984! If you were to use color cartridges instead, the cost would drastically increase to approximately $3,087,437,886!

Check out the infographic for yourself below.

cartridge world, print the internet, cost to print internetDefinitely makes you reconsider printing that email, doesn’t it?