Cheers to Our (Nearly) Paperless Office

Captain Planet would be proud.paperless

Why the pat on the back from a 90’s era animated environmentalist superhero, you ask? We just arrived at the happy realization that in 2011, lonelybrand used a total of 2 bricks of paper and not a sheet more. High fives all around the office.

Yeah, we’re a digital marketing company and we love our iPads and iMacs more than life itself. So big surprise on the minimal paper consumption, right?

Warm and fuzzy tree-hugger feelings aside, we wanted to know how our own track record compares to what slightly-less-digitized Americans do with paper. Here’s a look at some expletive-inducing stats from reduce.org:

  • The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year
  • Paper and paper-based products make up about 40% of garbage in the US
  • Almost 3.7 million tons of copy paper are used each year in the US

Our total paper consumption in 2011. Take that global warming!

Whoa there. Paper overload, America.

To make 2012 a more tree-and-budget-friendly year, check out How to Switch to a Paperless Office, a list of 7 innovative paper waste-reducing ideas from the folks at Inc.com. And don’t worry, the expected “use both sides of the paper” silliness is not included on this list.

How much paper did your office use last year? If your team is paperless or on its way there, share your tips for going digital and reducing paper cost and waste by connecting with us on Twitter.