Rigorous Use of Analytics Reduces Time to Close B2B Sales

Digital marketing without analytics? Fuhgeddaboudit! But saying analytics are important and implementing a robust process for measurement, reporting and data driven decision-making are two different things.

We surveyed over 300 advertising, public relations and marketing executives to find out which web analytics services agencies are using, and for what purposes.

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No surprises here: Google Analytics is by and large the most popular web analytics tool. But we also wanted to find out exactly what agencies are using these services for, and whether they plan to expand analytics programs in 2012.

Surprisingly only 36% of agencies review analytics information before making digital marketing decisions. Meanwhile, less than one-third of companies use analytics tools to review customer and competitor activity on their site.

33% of agencies can see exactly who has been visiting their website Рwhich may have big payoffs for business development. 70% of agencies that use analytics to see who has been visiting their website close business in 3 months or less, while only 54% of agencies that cannot see who has accessed their website close business in the same amount of time.

For information on how agencies are using other digital tools, download our free white paper: Agency Growth Blueprint 2012.

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