Leaders of nations can now become members of the Bluesky platform.

Leaders of nations can now become members of the Bluesky platform.## Bluesky Social Media Platform Extends Invitation to State Leaders

Bluesky, a fresh and forward-thinking social media platform, has shared some exciting news regarding a major shift in policy. Initially designed for a limited audience, Bluesky is now extending its platform to heads of state in order to join its expanding user community. This change is a crucial developmental step for the platform and emphasizes its preparedness to cater to distinguished users.

The Evolution of Bluesky

Bluesky was rolled out in February 2023 as a platform solely for those with an invitation. This selectivity enabled the platform to monitor its growth meticulously and guarantee a seamless experience for its users. However, in February 2024, Bluesky decided to loosen its hold, eliminating the waitlist and allowing all interested individuals to participate.

Despite initial reservations regarding renowned users, Bluesky has achieved remarkable growth. More than 5 million users are now part of the platform, with roughly a million joining immediately after the requirement for invitation codes was waived.

Embracing Global Leaders

The choice to retract the ‘no heads of state’ policy marks a major move for Bluesky. It reflects the platform’s assurance in its capacity to manage potential difficulties that might come with hosting world leaders and other notable public figures. Furthermore, this transition could enhance the platform’s public profile and credibility, tempting an even larger audience to join.

Final Thoughts

By deciding to accommodate heads of state, Bluesky is implementing a daring strategy that could notably influence its growth and status. As more esteemed individuals become members of the platform, it will be fascinating to observe how Bluesky progresses and adjusts to meet the demands of its varied user community.


Q: When was Bluesky inaugurated?
A: Bluesky was inaugurated in February 2023.

Q: What is the user count for Bluesky?
A: Bluesky’s user count stands over 5 million.

Q: Describe Bluesky’s initial policy towards heads of state?
A: Bluesky originally had a ‘no heads of state’ policy, which prohibited world leaders from joining the platform.

Q: When did Bluesky abolish its ‘no heads of state’ policy?
A: Bluesky broadcast the revocation of its ‘no heads of state’ policy through an official Bluesky post on a Friday, the exact date being unspecified.

Q: What implications does the abolishment of the ‘no heads of state’ policy have for Bluesky?
A: Bluesky’s decision to abolish this policy indicates its confidence in managing possible challenges associated with hosting world leaders. It might also enhance the platform’s visibility and credibility.