Ads in the Start Menu may start appearing for beta testers of Microsoft’s Windows 11.

Ads in the Start Menu may start appearing for beta testers of Microsoft's Windows 11.## Microsoft Examining the Inclusion of Ads in Windows 11 Start Menu

Microsoft is apparently studying the potential of adding advertisements to the Start menu of its newest operating system, Windows 11. The tech behemoth intends to advocate for applications available in the Microsoft Store via these ads, to be positioned in the menu’s suggested area.

A Recognizable Approach

This tactic is familiar to Microsoft consumers. Individuals who have extensively utilized Windows 10 will remember that the previous operating system also displayed ads on the Start menu. These ads were similarly fashioned to endorse applications that users could install.

Beta Experimentation and Accessibility

At the moment, these ads are only conspicuous to a select crowd of users. Microsoft has decided to initially implement this feature to Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel based in the United States. Non-beta testers or those operating a device supervised by an institution will not spot these ads.

Choosing to be Advertisement Free

For individuals who favor an ad-free interface, Microsoft has offered an option to deactivate these ads. Users can maneuver to the Personalization category under Settings and switch off “Show recommendations for tips, application promotions and more” in the Start division.

Previous Ad Experiments

Microsoft has traditionally integrated ads into its desktop systems. Last year, the firm tested promotion slots for its amenities like OneDrive. These ads were displayed in the menu that arises when users tap their profile picture.

Final Thoughts

Although this feature is presently in its beta testing stage, it’s important to recognize that Microsoft’s prior ad experiments indicate that this feature might ultimately be introduced to all users. However, like any Microsoft trial, there’s no assurance this will occur. For the time being, users wanting an ad-free interface can deselect these ads.

Questions and Responses

Q1: Who will observe these ads?

A1: For now, only Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel based in the United States are able to view these ads.

Q2: Is it possible to deselect these ads?

A2: Indeed, you can deactivate these ads by heading into Personalization within Settings and turning off “Show recommendations for tips, app promotions, and more” in the Start division.

Q3: Has Microsoft included ads in its operating systems previously?

A3: Indeed, Microsoft has traditionally included ads into its desktop systems. For instance, Windows 10 also displayed ads on the Start menu.

Q4: What’s the purpose of these ads?

A4: These ads have been created to endorse applications available for installation in the Microsoft Store.

Q5: Will all users eventually see these ads?

A5: Although it’s feasible that this feature could be introduced to all users, there’s no guarantee. Like any trial from Microsoft, it may never get to wider implementation.