“Threads Launches a New Feature to Control Who Can Quote Your Posts”

Threads Launches a New Feature to Control Who Can Quote Your Posts## Threads Introduces a Revolutionary Feature to Regulate the Quoting of Posts

In the fast-paced evolution of social media platforms, Threads has made a breakthrough by launching a unique feature. It empowers users to govern who can quote their posts, significantly enhancing user control and privacy.

The Importance of Quoting on Social Media

Quotes represent a frequent routine on social media, letting users share and comment on the posts of others. Regrettably, this can sometimes result in misuse or misunderstandings. By providing users the ability to regulate who can quote their posts, Threads is granting its audience more control over their content and its sharing.

Huawei’s Covert Funding in the US

In a different update, Chinese tech heavyweight Huawei is allegedly funding research in the US despite being on the blacklist. This action raises queries about the company’s objectives and the impact on American technology and national security.

The Premium Noise-Canceling Earbuds

As it pertains to noise-cancelling earbuds, the market is brimming with choices. Though, selecting the best one tailored to your preferences can be an overwhelming task. Watch out for our forthcoming article where we will be rating the leading noise-cancelling earbuds in the market.

Universal Artists Make Comeback on TikTok

Music enthusiasts have a cause to celebrate as Olivia Rodrigo, Drake, and other artists under Universal make their comeback on TikTok. This move is predicted to initiate a new wave of content and activity on the platform.


Ranging from Threads’ fresh feature to Huawei’s covert funding in the US, from the premier noise-cancelling earbuds to Universal artists’ comeback on TikTok, it is apparent that the fields of technology and entertainment are incessantly evolving. As end-users, it’s key to keep up with these alterations to capitalize on the prospects they offer.


Q1: Can you describe Threads’ recent feature?
A1: Threads has unveiled a new feature that gives users the power to decide who can quote their posts.

Q2: How does Huawei’s secret funding in America pose a problem?
A2: Huawei’s hidden funding in America initiates queries about the firm’s intentions and its potential effect on American technology and overall national security.

Q3: Which Universal artists are resuming their TikTok presence?
A3: Olivia Rodrigo and Drake are part of the Universal artists resuming their TikTok presence.

Q4: What makes noise-canceling earbuds desirable?
A4: Noise-canceling earbuds are attractive as they enable users to listen to music or engage in calls free from background noise interference.