LinkedIn Article Search Makes Content Discovery, Curation Easier

linkedin article

Thanks to some revamping and redesigning, in the last year, LinkedIn has made it easy for users to find and follow thought leaders in their own, and other industries. Now, they’re expanding that functionality, and allowing users to search and find content related to their industry with the new Articles feature.

By simply typing a topic into the search bar and then selecting Articles from the dropdown filter list, users can find content related to their topic of interest penned by some of their favorite thought leaders.

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The search results produced can be filtered further according to relevance, date and even by the influencer.


The LinkedIn Article feature gives users the ability to find content that is relevant to their areas of expertise, making it easy to continue learning and adapting to new advancements. The LinkedIn Article feature is also an essential new tool for content curators. It also makes it easier to find new relevant influencers and turn them into contacts.

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