5 Easily Overlooked Improvements for Your LinkedIn Profile

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With its interesting new content strategy and promotion strategy, LinkedIn remains an excellent way for employers, employees and B2Bs to connect. Unfortunately, for many people it remains a profile they only update when switching or searching for jobs or employees. This can result in a lot of incomplete profiles and minor elements being overlooked. If you created your profile in a hurry, or just don’t look at it as often as you should, we’ve got five quick suggestions to help you improve your profile and your ability to connect with others.

Add media of past and current projects.

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Show off what you do! Upload presentations, PDFs, graphics or video to show off what it is that you and your brand excel at. If you’re running a B2B business, this is especially important, as it can attract and impress interested leads.

Identify and use keywords.

What terms or words will help people find your profile? Is it digital marketing? Social media marketing? Community manager? Identify what they are and then fit them into your profile in a smart way. If they’re part of your job title, make sure they’re included. If they’re part of your career summary or work experience, then use them there. You can also use them as a tagged interest. This will help others interested in that category find you and vice versa. Just make sure you’re not keyword stuffing. Stuffing is no good in SEO and it’s no good on LinkedIn.

Claim your vanity url.

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Although this was introduced some time ago, there are still lots of users who haven’t noticed or taken the time to switch. It’s easy to do and will make you easier to find (and your URL easier to remember and keep track of) than the generic URL generated by the site itself. Make it as close to your name as possible to take full advantage of it.

Use the company name in a consistent way.

If you’ve recently undergone a merger or a renaming, make sure that there’s a standard way to refer to your company across the board for everyone. If you’re looking to field inquiries from people who know you by your old name, you might want to refer to it in your profile, but everyone should do so in the same way.

Give your “company site” a name.

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Adding sites to your contact info is a smart move, but if you don’t differentiate them, it can be confusing and just unappealing. When adding a new site or fixing an old one, simply choose “other” from the site type dropdown menu. This will allow you to give a name to your site (e.g. lonelybrand), as well as the url, creating a more personalized link.

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