LinkedIn Inspires Greater Engagement with Thought Leaders


We recently highlighted LinkedIn’s ingenious engagement campaign that consisted of congratulating some of its most active users. The campaign was a definite success, leading users to share and discuss their ranking with other users. Now, a new email blast is encouraging recipients to interact with the site beyond the professional connections and career updates, by encouraging them to follow some of the site’s biggest and most influential users.

linkedin main

This blast is creative and effective. Here’s why:

  • Recognizable thought leaders. The invitation to keep up-to-date with thought leaders is made more compelling by adding the names, positions and profile photos of instantly recognizable leaders in a variety of industries. If recipients recognize a user, they are more likely to follow them and search for others to follow.
  • Invitation to follow individual people within the email. If recipients come across a big-name thought leader that they would like to follow, they only need to click or tap the “+Follow (Name)” link listed under the leader’s profile blurb. By adding this one-step follow process in the body of the email itself, the LinkedIn team runs a lower risk of losing users in the transition from the email to the actual LinkedIn site.
  • An endless list of leaders to follow.¬†The bottom of the email contains a link to “See more thought leaders” that takes viewers to a never-ending list of thought leaders from all industries. This is excellent because it takes the work out of “following” for the user. By instantly providing users with an endless list of thought leaders, and not forcing them to search for these¬†individuals¬†themselves, the LinkedIn team increases the chances that users will do some major following.

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